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Garfiel Tinsel (ガーフィール・ティンゼル) is Frederica Baumann's half-brother and the former guardian of Sanctuary. Introduced as a secondary antagonist during the first half of Arc 4, he later became one of the main supporting characters of Re:Zero, with major roles in the second half of Arc 4, Arc 5, and Arc 7.

He harboured an immense fear of the outside world following a family tragedy. However, with Subaru's help, he overcame his past trauma and, after overcoming the Sanctuary and Mansion incident, joined the Emilia Camp. Since being exposed to the outside world, he has faced many situations where he was powerless, yet he still remains determined to protect those close to him.

Currently, both Otto and Garfiel are on their way back from the Water Gate City of Priestella.


Garfiel is a young and relatively short boy with short, combed back gold hair and deep and sharp jade coloured eyes. Due to his demi-human blood, he has sharp feline like fangs, similar to Frederica's. In fact, both Frederica and Garfiel share a similar face with perhaps the main difference being the large white scar stretching across the entirety of Garfiel's forehead which he inflicted upon himself when after experiencing the First Trial and seeing his mother's "death", he fell into a state of panic and repeatedly bashed his head against the walls of the Tomb, leaving him with a permanent white scar.

Due to his vigorous training and his demi-human blood, Garfiel is extremely strong and possesses a rather well built and muscular physique. He can usually be seen wearing long black pants and a torn up loincloth that is heliotrope-purple on the outside and red-violet on the inside and a short black vest with red-violet accents. To match his colour palette, Garfiel can also be seen wearing black long sleeved gloves with red-violet accents Around his neck, a blue pyroxene crystal can also be seen dangling around.


Unlike his older sister Frederica, Garfiel uses his mother's surname Tinsel to remember her. He was initially hostile to Subaru, as he wanted to protect the people in the Sanctuary since he believed the outside world to be a terrible place. However, with Subaru and Ram's help, he was able to face his past and overcome it. After making up with Subaru, he begins to call him Captain. He has feelings for Ram and uses various proverbs to try and impress her to no avail. As a 14 year old, he also exhibits some chuunibyou tendencies, frequently being impressed by Subaru's naming sense.

Following his fight with Elsa at the end of Arc 4, Garfiel was haunted by a black phantom of the Gut Hunter, who appeared at the edge of his vision every time Garfiel's psyche dropped significantly due to a troubling event that wouldn't give him any rest. Following his encounter with the world's strongest person Reinhard van Astrea and humiliatingly being forced to flee from the inn before he could even exhange words with the Sword Saint, Garfiel could observe Elsa's phantom looking at him from around every corner, keeping her distance and smiling at him. Despite the eerieness of the situation, the phantom was not real as Garfiel stated he couldn't smell her scent, and the narration later explained how Elsa's phantom was simply a manifestation of Garfiel's weakness and regrets, which started roughly two months after he had left the Sanctuary, during a certain incident in a certain town which he, Otto and Subaru were involved in.


Garfiel was born around fifteen years ago to a father who was a half-Beast Human and a human mother, therefore, being brought to this world as a Quarter-Beast Human. Eventually, after wandering about, he and Frederica, along with their mother Reala (Reshia) were picked up by Roswaal and given a home in Sanctuary. Reshia had left her children in Sanctuary to bring back her missing husband.

Garfiel and Frederica lived together until she left when he was around 4 years old and he hadn't seen her since until their reunion 10 years later during the Sanctuary incident. After seeing his mother's "death" during the trial at a young age, he began to fear the outside world, causing him to try and protect the Sanctuary. He was eventually convinced otherwise once Subaru and Ram successfully talked him into facing his past in the trial.


Divine Protection (加護 Kago):

Garfiel has the Divine Protection of Earth Spirits (地霊の加護 Chirei no Kago). As long as he has his feet on the ground, Garfiel can freely manipulate the sediment under him, manipulating the earth's shape at will. He can cause the earth to cave in with a single step, reduce the effects of Earth Magic, and accelerate the recovery of wounds and stamina. During his fight with Ram and Otto in Arc 4, he used it to create a barrier from ground underneath him to protect himself from Ram's Magic.

Magic User (魔法使い Maho Tsukai): Garfiel has some decent skill in Water Magic, though he never uses it for offensive attacks.

  • Healing Magic: Garfiel summons water mana to heal the wounds of himself and others, however it only affects physical ones. Power varies by the skill and talent of the individual or partially that of the spirit if the caster is using Spirit Arts.


Calling back on his ancestral Demi-Human blood, ally transform himself into a towering, 12 feet long golden tiger with massive and thick limbs as well as razor-sharp fangs and claws which can easily rip a man or even a fully grown earth dragon in two with a single swipe. Naturally, Garfiel's physical strength in his tiger form was increased exponentially, although his speed suffered a reduction due to his size increase. When in this form, he can easily deal devastating attacks and decimate entire areas, but with a cost of losing his reason, making him avoid it if possible. He uses this ability when he's pushed to the limit or facing an overwhelming foe as seen in arc 5 when he fought the War God. Garfiel is also capable of partial transformation, as he can increase the length of his fingernails to resemble claws while still in his human form.

Flowing Battle: Garfiel has a very wild combat-style which relies on instinct and his superior physique rather than finesse to perform manoeuvres only he can do. In addition to his natural strength, Garfiel was able to hone his skills in melee combat over the years despite his isolated upbringing. It was revealed that the secret behind Garfiel's strength is an old book about Reid Astrea. In that book, an unknown person described Reid's training in detail. Garfiel took the training regime to heart and spent his entire childhood training like Reid. Interestingly enough, the training primarily consists of hand-to-hand combat, without any weapons whatsoever. He spent years replicating the training that Astrea put himself through, honing himself into a skilled unarmed combatant whose savage fighting style revolved primarily around instinct and was therefore difficult to analyse. He also made use of the enhanced physiology provided by his blood to his advantage in battle, performing feats that his opponents wouldn't think possible. He frequently partially-transforms into a tiger to deliver heavy hits so as catch people off guard. Due to his wild combat style, Garfiel is frequently seen avoiding certain death in the most unexpected ways possible. His training matched with his power made him a combative prodigy who, by his early teens, was capable of duelling legendary fighters such as the Bowel Hunter Elsa and Eight-Arms Kurgan.

Demi-Human Physique: Garfiel demonstrates a variety of enhanced physique and physiology due to his Demi-Human blood.

  • Inhuman strength and speed: Due to his Demi-Human blood, Garfiel is extremely strong. In his normal human form, the physical power displayed by Garfiel far exceeded that of an ordinary person. Not only was he unscathed by a bite received from a ground dragon, but he was able to effortlessly perform a suplex on said dragon despite its frame being comparable to a horse's. He's fully capable of stopping a Wagpig's destructive attack and even lift it up, despite if weighting multiple tons, as well as punching down fully grown trees without much effort. His Demi-Human blood also allows him to move at speeds greater than an average human, outmaneuvering most foes and easily jumping over trees and multi-story buildings.
  • Enhanced Sense of Smell: The potency of his sense of smell was also far greater than a regular human's. He can distinguish the scents of separate individuals from a considerable distance.

Ability to Discern Combat Potential: Due to his inhuman senses, Garfiel developed and honed the ability to read and discern other people's combat abilities and potential, which allows him to somewhat understand who he's going up against, as well as hastily decide how dangerous his foes are. He does so by observing the way people stand, walk, talk and all-around act. Due to this ability, Garfiel immediately attacked Reinhard with all his might, as soon as he met him–naturally, the strongest attack he could muster was easily countered by the Sword Saint with just one hand. It should be worth mentioning, however, that Garfiel cannot read what abilities a person possesses. In Chapter 3; Section 1 of Volume 16, Garfiel correctly discerned that the white haired man was an amateur when it came to martial arts, however, he had no idea that the man he considered to not be dangerous, single handedly destroyed a heavily fortified Vollachian city, 16 years ago.

Apostle of Greed: Garfiel, after attempting the Trial of the Sanctuary, acquired the mark of the Witch of Greed Echidna which indicated him as an Apostle of Greed. Because of this title, Garfiel had the ability to command the many clones of Ryuzu Meyer created by Echidna, essentially affording him with a small army should the need arise. The clones would follow his orders unquestionably, as they were compelled to do so.


  • Twin Shields: Garfiel uses two shields in combat. He's very skilled with them, using them for both offense and defence as they're sturdy enough to withstand devastating blows that would usually shatter his bones or cut off his arms, as well as deliver bone-shattering punches capable of subduing his opponents.
  • Pyroxene Crystal (輝石結晶): When Garfiel was younger, he and his sister Frederica both received a Pyroxene Crystal from their mother Reshia Tinzel.


  • According to the author, Garfiel's birthday is October 12.
  • According to the author, Garfiel is scheduled to be featured in Arc 7 where he'll receive a substantial power buff.
  • He originally learned Healing Magic as one of the ways to support the residents of the Sanctuary.
  • According to Wilhelm, if Kurgan were to be at his full strength, Garfiel would promptly be killed right away.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Garfiel cannot smell the Witch's Scent.
  • In the side story The Three Idiots Set Out! Cursed Goddess Statue Episode, he had cross-dressed once under the name "Garnet".