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Gaston (ガストン Gasutonu), commonly known as Ton (トン), is one of the three thugs that attacked Subaru at the very start of Arc 1. He later joined Felt Camp after being employed by her, following the events of the Royal Selection.

Debuting at the very start of the first volume of Re:Zero, Gaston played a secondary antagonistic role. He later reappeared in Arc 3, a day before the Royal Selection, tailing Subaru and Priscilla Barielle with Rachins and Camberley, until he was promptly beaten almost half to death by Rem. A year later, Gaston accompanied Felt, Reinhard and Rachins Hoffman to the Water Gate City of Priestella, acting as Felt's bodyguard when Reinhard wasn't around. There, he was involved with the subjugation of Gluttony, and helped forcing the Sin Archbishop to flee the city.

Currently, Gaston stayed behind in Priestella, helping around the city as instructed by Felt.


Gaston has a large body with purple hair and eyes. He wears tan clothes, an orange sash around his waist, a green vest, and black shoes. After joining the Felt Camp, he starts wearing a suit.


Gaston has a rough personality though he is loyal to Felt after joining her camp. Even following his enactment to the camp and being subjected to a more noble life, Gaston still retained his thug-like mindset, and often berates Reinhard just like how Felt, Rachins and Camberley do.


Roughly 3 to 4 months before Subaru's arrival, Rachins, Gaston and Camberley met an Imperial traitor, who payed the trio and fifteen other thugs a fair amount of Vollachian gold, in order to tail a Divine General who was after his head. The thugs disobeyed the orders and lured the swordsman into a dark alley, wanting to attack, beat and rob the man. However, as they were dealing with Cecilus Segmunt–the strongest person from the Sacred Empire of Vollachia and one of the three men who are about as skilled as Reinhard in terms of martial arts–they were defeated within a second, and left beaten half to death. Following their arrest by the Knight guards who rushed the scene soon after, the three thugs were then approached by Julius Juukulius, Ferris and Chisha Gold, who wanted to know about Cecilus' location. Upon being promised freedom, they spilled the beans and were subsequently freed, with the money they have gotten from Gramdart.

After the Royal Selection Ceremony, Felt recruited Gaston, Rachins and Camberley to join the Felt Camp. They accepted her offer, thus became participants in the Royal Selection. Since then, Reinhard van Astrea started to train all three of them so they would grow stronger with the help of his Divine Protection of Training Mastery.

Between the fourth arc and the fifth arc, the Felt Camp went to visit the Black Silver Coin organization. There, they met Doltero Amule, who appeared to be an old friend of Rom. It resulted in the Felt Camp receiving a gift from Doltero, which ended up being one of Echidna's meteors.


Ryuuhou (流法): Gaston uses a type of systemized technique known as Ryuuhou which involves using mana to strengthen his own body in order to raise his attack power or withstand attacks. Unlike magic, which is influenced by talent, Ryuuhou depends entirely on training, and Ton is mentioned to be average at it.

Training: After being employed by Felt, he started to get trained by Reinhard and has developed considerable power.


  • Ton, Chin, and Kan's names are a play on the Japanese word tonchinkan which means irrelevant or inconsistent.
  • According to the author, Ton, Chin, and Kan don't play an active role after Arc 1 until Arc 8.