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Gilian Endymion (ギリアン・エンデュミオン) was the third son of the Endymion family.


Gilian was a handsome young man with blond hair, with a slim, toned body. He was clad in a knight's garment, with a treasured sword sheathed at his waist. 


Gilian lived far from the Barony of Barielle. He was brought by Leip to replace Al's position as Priscilla's knight after she had chosen Al instead of one of Leip's pawns at a tournament to see who would become her knight. Some time later, Leip attempted to introduce Gilian to Priscilla in the former's plans to seize the throne, but Al turned against his plans, causing Gilian to get enraged after seeing Leip's state. Due to finding him dull, Priscilla swiftly cut Gilian down with her Yang Sword.


Swordsmanship: Gilian was mentioned to be skilled enough with the sword to be able to defeat Al under normal circumstances.