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Gionis Lugnica (ジオニス・ルグニカ) was the 40th King of Lugnica. He was succeeded by Randohal Lugnica.

Debuting in Ex2, Gionis played a passive but important role, influencing and kickstarting many events from both Ex2 and Ex3.


Gionis had glistering red eyes and moderately short gold hair. He was described to have a cheerful look to his face, and quite a relaxed demeanour. 


Gionis was a generous and compassionate figure, who was beloved by his people. This could be best seen in the handing of Wilhelm's transgression in the end of Sword Saint Ceremony by overlooking them because he was highly moved by the affection he had seen (and because of Theresia's plea, following Wilhelm's arrest). He was known to not have much of a mind for military affairs but he was nonetheless a decisive person who did not shy from action to safeguard his Kingdom.


Gionis ruled the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica during the Demi-Human War, commanding the Royal Army who was trying to suppress the Demi-Human uprising, though it's not stated what exactly he did during those days.

In the year following the end of the War, Gionis Lugnica continued to rule the now-united nation. Roughly two months after the end of the conflict, he hosted the Sword Saint Ceremony for Theresia van Astrea, in return for all she had done for the Kingdom in the last two years of the war.

In the post-war period Giongi had shown such strong support for Wilhelm & Theresia relationship that he, along with a younger Miklotov–who was the prime minister at the time–helped hatch a plot that would allow Theresia to retire as the Sword Saint and allow Wilhelm to assume her place as the Kingdom's strongest fighter. This was to be carried out by having Wilhelm (alone) defeat the Kingdom's most elite military squad–the Zelgeff Squadron–numbering in 40 expertly trained and battle hardened soldiers, simultaneously with Giongis as his wittiness to prove that the Sword Demon's victory over the Sword Saint wasn't just a fluke. Although Wilhelm managed to accomplish what he was tasked with, it later turned out to be mostly unnecessary. When the wedding was held he attended it in secret to affirm his approval.

During the months of Stride's devastating rampages across the entire Kingdom, Gionis desperately tried to put an end to the seemingly-endless damage done by the aforementioned Wolf of Vollachia. It was only after Stride had unleashed the Evil Dragon Valgren onto one of the Five Regional Capitals of the Kingdom–Picoutatte–in hopes of toppling the entire nation, that Gionis was finally able to make contact with the Divine Dragon itself, summoning it to the devastated city and ending the nightmare once and for all.