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Goz Ralfon (ゴズ・ラルフォン), also known as the Lion Knight (獅子騎士), is the 5th ranking Divine General of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia.

Though not having officially debuted in the main story, Goz was the man who helped Vincent Vollachia flee the Crystal Palace once he was dethroned and hunted. Almost two years before that, during the failed coup orchestrated by Gramdart Holstoy and Balleroy Temeglyph and the "kidnapping" of the 77th Emperor of the Vollachia Empire, Goz immediately organised all available troops and put the entire Capital on high alert. Currently, Goz's status is unknown, as Vincent suggested he could quite possibly have been killed for aiding his escape.


Goz is a burly man with battle scars covering most of his rough face, brown eyes, and orange-brown hair. He has a beard and clads himself in golden Armor that has a cape attached to the back. In combat, Goz wields a giant golden mace.


Despite his intimidating physique, Goz is extremely loyal to the Empire and the Emperor himself. So much so, that he's willing to risk his life for the Emperor's safety, despite Vincent losing his title as the Emperor of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia. Though he hasn't had much screen time thus far, from what he has shown, Goz always obeys every word from his Emperor, which often irritates him and subjects Goz to a barrage of insults. Most of the time, he's being compared with a dog or an ape.

As expected from his rank, Goz is well-respected and professional in his work, looking after the Imperial Army and even suggesting replacements for the fallen Divine Generals when asked for feedback. If it wasn't for Berstetz Fondalfon's suggestion, the rank of the 9th Divine General would most likely have given to a General who Goz suggested would be a good fit for their ranks.


Roughly four to five months before Subaru's arrival, the 77th Emperor of the Vollachian Empire was targeted by Gramdart Holstoy and Balleroy Temeglyph. In the ensuing chaos, the three Lugnican Royal Guards Reinhard van Astrea, Julius Juukulius and Ferris–who accompanied the two members of the Sage Council Miklotov McMahon and Bordeaux Zellgef–kidnapped the Emperor and fled the Imperial Capital of Lupghana with him. While the 8th, 6th and 1st ranking Divine Generals were dispatched to locate and bring the Emperor back to the Crystal Palace, Goz organised the troops, took the two Lugnican diplomats hostage, and kept the Crystal Palace in as much order as possible. Following Vincent's safe return and the departure of the Kingdom's diplomats, Goz took part in a secret meeting between him, Vincent, the 4th ranking Divine General Chisha Gold, Mogro Hagane and Groovy Gumlet, with whom he discussed the incident.

About two to three months afterwards, Goz took place in a meeting between some of the Divine Generals, the Emperor, and the Imperial Prime Minister, [ Fondalfon. The group discussed who should be appointed as the next 9th ranking Divine General following Balleroy Temeglyph's death. Goz suggested a capable Second General from the Insect Cage Clan by the name of Kafma Irulux, but his suggestion was contested by Berstetz, who hoped to give the seat to a Sky Dragon rider by the name of Madelyn Eschart.

When the Empire's Stargazer prophesized Yoruna Mishigure's rebellion, Goz accompanied Cecilus and Arakiya in order to awake Kafma from his pupa and also witnessed Madelyn bring her dragons to the Imperial Capital. Goz and Kafma later joined the other generals in assaulting Chaosflame. While there, Kafma relinquished the idea of becoming a Divine General due to not believing that he was fit enough, putting Goz in a place where he lost credibility due to Kafma's choice.


Great Power: As one of the Nine Divine Generals, Goz has considerable power. A single punch from him is said to have the power to instantly kill a large-sized Demon Beast.

Equipment: Goz wields a large mace and wears golden armor that covers his entire body.