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Gramdart Holstoy (グラムダート・ホルストイ) was a Viscount and a former minister of the Vollachia Empire who targeted the 77th Emperor Vincent Vollachia's life, stole the secret Imperial Sky Dragon tamer technique, and fled the nation.

At the end of Ex4, Gramdart was escorted back to the Empire by Cecilus Segmunt and Chisha Gold in order to be trailed for treason. His status currently remains unknown.


Gramdart is described to be a middle-aged man.


Gramdart was a greedy and ambitious man who allegedly wanted to steal the Emperor's throne for himself. He was also mentioned to have stolen the secret Imperial Sky Dragon technique, which would cause great trouble for the entire Empire. Gramdart was also a coward at heart, avoiding a direct confrontation with Vincent at all costs, and fleeing the Empire after his plans were foiled


Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 4 side story[]

Roughly half a year before the start of Royal Selections in Lugnica, Gramdart, alongside Balleroy Temeglyph, conspired against the 77th Emperor of the Sacred Vollachian Empire, Vincent Vollachia. After Balleroy's death and the plan ending in failure, Gramdart escaped into the neighbouring Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica. Trying to achieve diplomatic immunity by giving an unspecified souvenir (likely the aforementioned Imperial secret) to the Six Tongues, Gramdart secluded himself in the heart of the Kingdom. Not long after, his men spotted Cecilus Segmunt in the Capital, which caused Gramdart to hire fourteen thugs (Ton, Chin and Kan among others) to tail the Divine General, however, the group was swiftly dispatched by the most dangerous killer in the world. Naturally, it didn't take long for Cecilus to locate Gramdart himself. Slaughtering his guards with ease, Cecilus was about to take Holstoy's head off, however, Chisha Gold intruded just in time to save the Viscount's life. The two Divine Generals then restrained the Viscount and took him back to the Empire, to be granted punishment for his treason.