Grimm Fauzen (グリム・ファウゼン) is a former member of the Royal Guard and currently a servant of the Astrea Family.


During Ex 2, Grimm Fauzen appeared wearing armor that of the Kingdom Knights, and wielded a shield with him. He was a man with short, messy purple hair, and dark yellow brown eyes.

Currently, in the story, Grimm is an old man and is shown to have a scar on his throat, due to an injury he got during the Demi-Human war. He has short white hair, a strong jawline, a white beard, and sharp eyes. He appeared wearing a pretty and chic butler outfit, similar to that of Wilhelm van Astrea. It is mentioned that he aged better than his beloved Carol Remendis.


In his younger days, Grimm Fauzen was a strong-willed man, shown to be extremely stalwart and loyal to the Kingdom's Army. He placed great faith in others to act as the sword, whilst he acted as their shield. Despite that, he was quite a jocund person, who was easy to get along even on the brink of disaster. When adversity affected his loved one, Grimm was shown to be less easy-going, and in continuous blame of himself for the situation that had occurred.

As he grew older, Grimm Fauzen became more serious, and after marrying Carol Remendis he swore absolute loyalty to the Astrea family.

Due to a throat wound inflicted on him during the demihuman war, he lost his ability to speak properly, now only being able to emit a raspy, vocal noise.


Grimm was a colleague at the time of the Demi Human war. After the war, he and Carol Remendis married and started to take care of the royal residence and the Astrea family at the Astrea house.


Equipment: Grimm's primary weapon of choice is a large Greatshield with the Remendis sigil engraved on it. The shield was given to him by Carol Remendis during the Demi-Human war. He's extremely skilled with it, being able to repel even an Earth Worm's attack.

In his first couple of battles, Grimm also wielded a standard sword although he wasn't very effective with it.


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