Groovy Gamlet (グルービー・ガムレット) is the "6th" ranked among the Nine Divine Generals of the Vollachia Empire.


Groovy has a small body covered with brown fur with black spots, has whiskers on his face, and he has cream-colored fur on his chest, his muzzle, and the tip of his tail. He wears belts across his body which he uses to carry weapons and his throwing weapons. He also wears a bronze left breastplate and a small shoulder plate on his left shoulder. Groovy dons a yellow scarf around his neck and wears a leather dark-olive green toeless pants, which are somewhat similar to the one Ricardo Welkin wears, though he uses yellow thread on his feet instead of red and the edges on the waist are smother rather than torn and sharper edges.


Great Power: As a member of the Nine Divine Generals, Groovy has considerable power.

Equipment: Groovy wields a short purple sickle as his weapon. He also has throwing knives and shurikens attached on his arms and his belt.


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