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Groovy Gumlet (グルービー・ガムレット), also known as the Master of Enchanted items (呪具師), is the 6th ranking Divine General of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia.


Groovy has a small body covered with brown fur with black spots and whiskers on his face. He also has cream-colored fur on his chest, his muzzle, and on the tip of his tail. He wears belts across his body which he uses to carry weapons and his throwing weapons. Groovy additionally wears a bronze left breastplate and a small shoulder plate on his left shoulder. Groovy dons a yellow scarf around his neck and wears leather dark-olive green toeless pants, which are somewhat similar to the one Ricardo Welkin wears, though he uses yellow thread on his feet instead of red, and the edges on the waist are smother rather than torn and sharper edges.


Despite his small stature, Groovy is a hothead who speaks in a rather vulgar language and is very short-tempered.



Weapon Mastery: Groovy is describe as walking venerable armoury of weapons and is extremely skilled at using them. He possesses much less a traditional fighting style than he does a high level of instinct, natural physical power, speed, which all work well with his various tools. As a result, he can turn into near literal and lethal whirling blade of death.

Equipment: Groovy wields a short purple sickle as his weapon. He also has throwing knives and shurikens attached on his arms and his waist. Other weapons he's been seen using are dual hatchets and Magic Knuckles, gloves which have magic stones attached, allowing them to fire magic.


  • Groovy Gumlet was the first person to be appointed as a Divine General by Vincent not counting Chisha and Cecilus, who were already Vincent's pawns prior to him becoming Emperor. Groovy's appointment was mostly thanks to his talent.
  • A story going around in Vollachia claims that Groovy would be able to catch up to someone in the Empire if they were to flee to somewhere else with just his sense of smell alone, though it is just a rumor that's not known to be true or false.