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The Holy Kingdom of Gusteko (グステコ聖王国), usually referred to as Gusteko (グステコ), is a country located to the north of Lugnica.

Information[edit | edit source]

Gusteko is a theocracy where the church holds a significant amount of power, starting with the Holy King and its Archbishops. As it is located in the north, Gusteko has a cold climate and dangerous mountains, which are a very hard environment for people and animals to live in. Because of the eternal snowfall, only cold-tolerant crops can be planted. Instead of animal husbandry, there are many mountains in the steep mountains with magical ore, relying on the mining industry and dealing with magic ore to maintain national strength. Spirits are far more commonplace in Gusteko, than any other country, and thus, the reverence of spirits has become incorporated into the national teachings of the Gustekan church. 

The ruler of Gusteko goes by the name of the Holy King and is chosen during an election by Odglass. It is mentioned that the race, blood and origin don't matter for candidates of becoming the Holy King.

It is also known that someone called The Mad Prince lives in Gusteko.

History[edit | edit source]

As the founder of Gusteko, Odglass created a contract with a person known by the name Holy King, and now Odglass is associated with the election, also having the right to choose who the Holy King of Gusteko will become.

Many years ago, after the creation of the pact with Farsale Lugnica and Volcanica, the sorcerers moved to Gusteko from all over the continent. They were famous for killing people with various spells known as a Curse (呪い), however these are just a subclass of users of magic and spiritual arts of the place.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Leanotte (レイアノット Reianotto): A town which was destroyed by an avalanche caused by the Ice Thieves.

Albis River (アルビス河 Arubisu Kawa): A river which originates from Kararagi and is for a small part located in western Gusteko.

Pardochia (パルドキア): A mountain where one of the four Great Spirits, Odglass, resides.

Orcos Territory (オルコス領): A stretch of land that was controlled by the former BaronVictor Orcos. It was mentioned to border the Kenash Territory. The main stronghold of the Orcos family lay deep within the territory.  

Kenash Territory (ケナシュ領): A stretch of land that was controlled by the former Baron Igor Kenash. It was mentioned to border the Orcos Territory.

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