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Halibel (ハリベル) is a citizen of Kararagi and the neighbour of Natsuki Subaru and Rem in Re:IF.

Though he hasn't made an official debut in the main series, he does play key roles in two of the five IF stories released so far. He's known throughout the world as one of the three people who're said to be on par with Sword Saint, in terms of overall martial skill, with the other two being the Empire's Blue Lightning and the Holy Kingdom's Mad Prince[1].


Halibel is a wolf human with relatively long black fur clad in a dishevelled black kimono with worn-down purple accents. His eyes are most of the time narrowed into two sits and coupled with him usually biting on his golden kiseru with his animal teeth, he's more often that not giving off quite a laid-back appearance. He's very tall, towering over Subaru like a black statue covered in fur.


Halibel has a casual behaviour and likes the taste of liquor and free alcohol. As Natsuki Subaru and Rem's neighbour, he remains positive towards them and often calls Subaru "Su-San". He is also the first acquaintance Subaru and Rem in the Sloth IF made at Banan. Although he shows total respect towards others, he can be a bit too serious when talking about his race, since his species are rare and on the verge of extinction, often mentioning that he feels like carrying the pride of his kind.


Great Power: Halibel is mentioned to come close to Reinhard's level of martial skill and melee, hence it's safe to assume he's incredibly strong. On top of that, he's considered as the strongest person from the Kararagi City-State.

Cloning: Halibel is able to clone himself into four. Perhaps the biggest upside to his cloning ability is that each and every clone is identical to the original specimen, including their strength, meaning that rather than splitting his fighting strength into four "pieces", he quadruples it. The clones are also able to act independently.

Curses: Halibel is an expert in curses. By mixing his own fur and nails into his weapons, he is able to curse people through mere scratches.

Shinobi (シノビ): As a Shinobi, Halibel is an extremely skilled fighter, able to easily overpower most people he faces off. His main weapons of choice are the kunai, which he uses in close quarters combat as well as throwing daggers. The thrown kunai are described to travel at beyond human speeds.


  • The only reason he keeps the kiseru with him is because he needed to smoke a special herb to keep himself alive.
  • The author had stated in the release of Rem:IF that Halibel most likely won't ever appear in the main story outside of the IF stories.
  • Despite being among the three characters who're said to be on par with Reinhard in terms of martial skill, when the two faced off in Oboreru IF, Reinhard did not draw the Dragon Sword Reid against him.


  1. "If we put confidence in Barusu and Emilia-sama’s words then our enemy is of the same calibre as the Knight Reinhard… If as said they truly are equal to the world’s strongest man, then there’s one that’s at least close to his level in every part of the world. In the Vollachian Empire there’s the First General, the "Blue Lightning" Cecilus Segmunt; in the Holy Kingdom of Gusteko there’s the "Crazed Prince"; and in the Kararagi City States there’s the "Admirer" Halibel." Arc 6 Chapter 27; Section 2