Halibel (ハリベル) is a citizen in Kararagi and the neighbor of Natsuki Subaru and Rem.


Halibel is a Wolf Human with a wolf face. He is really tall and is a head taller than Subaru. However, his eyes are always narrow sits. He has black hair and wears a disheveled black kimono, and he often bites on a golden kiseru with his black teeth.


Halibel has a casual behavior and likes the taste of liquor and free alcohol. As the neighbor of Natsuki Subaru and Rem, he remains positive towards them and often calls Subaru "Su-San". He is also the first acquaintance Subaru and Rem made at Banan. Although he shows total respect towards others, he can be a bit too serious when talking about his race, since his species are rare and on the verge of extinction. Also mentioning that he is feeling like carrying the pride of his kind.


Great Power: Halibel is mentioned to come close to Reinhard's level and can be considered extremely strong.

Curses: Halibel is an expert in curses. By mixing his own fur and nails into his weapons, he is able to curse people through mere scratches.

Shinobi: As a Shinobi, Halibel is able to create clones that are able to act independently, which looks similar to Melakuera's cloning ability. He can also use the body replacement technique.


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