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Hannah Regret was the only maid of the Argyle household. She's implied to be Felix Argyle's true birth mother from a potential affair with her master Biehn Argyle.


Hannah had flax hair and amber eyes much like Ferris. She seen dressed in an unremarkable maid outfit.


A rather solemn person who had a quiet dignity about her. She seemed especially warmed toward Ferris although she tend to mask it with fairly detached disposition.


Little is known about Hannah's history with the Argyles and how deep her relationship ran with them. However she was the only servant to remain with them after the family become fallen nobility partly out of her strong loyalty.

Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 1

Hannah didn't approve of the dark situation around Biehn and Miles. Thus seeking outside aid deal with it, Hannah had contracted the Karsten House and began acting as a double agent. Later, she met with Crusch again after the poison had worn off and loosened her restraints so that Crusch could meet Ferris and escape. However Crusch would question her reasons for helping them and Hannah returned the query with a question of her own suggested it was out of her own love for Biehn. She would also bare wittiness to Biehn's wife being revived by Ferris and the killing her husband moments later in the master bedroom. After questioning Ferris and looking strangely relieved she was the one who told Ferris where Crusch is. Just as Ferris left to go find her, Hannah would lock herself in the room along with Biehn and his wife's corpses, committing suicide by setting the room on ablaze.