Hector (ヘクトール) is the Warlock of Melancholy.


Hector has long blackish brown hair that reaches to his eyebrows and sleepy looking black eyes, with features that make him look like a woman. He wears an outfit which is similar to Roswaal's own.


As the Warlock of Melancholy, Hector has a negative personality, frequently expressing his negativity in words. His manner of speaking is similar to Roswaal with the original Roswaal himself starting to speak like him later on. He is stronger than Echidna, but despite this his existence is unknown to future generations for some reason.


400 years ago, Hector pursued Echidna, which caused her to protect herself in the Sanctuary for a time. Hector then encountered Roswaal and fought him. After Echidna saw Roswaal badly wounded, she decided to fight Hector. The outcome of the battle is unknown, but it is certain that Echidna survived.

Despite his existence being unknown, Puck seems to at least be acquainted with him.


Authority of Melancholy (憂鬱の権能 Yū'utsu no Ken'nō): Hector is able to use the Authority of Melancholy.

  • Hector can create an invisible gravity field like ability that is able to crush both living things and magic alike. Using this ability, he was easily able to overpower the original Roswaal, who was one of the strongest mages of his time, and deal severe injuries to him.


  • Hector's name refers to the 624 Hektor, the largest of Jupiter's Trojans. In Greek mythology, Hector was a Trojan prince and the greatest fighter of Troy in the Trojan War.


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