Heinkel Astrea (ハインケル・アストレア) is the Deputy Commander of the Royal Guards and Reinhard van Astrea's father. He is also the current Patriarch of House Astrea.

Months after the Sanctuary Incident, Heinkel came in contact with Priscilla Barielle, forming an alliance and joining her royal election camp, with his main goal obtaining the Dragon's Blood to cure his sleep-bound wife.


Heinkel is a muscular man with short red hair, blue eyes and a stubble beard. He wears a black tabard with brown shoulder plates and chest armor, along with a dark cape, brown pants, gloves and black boots.


Slovenly, arrogant and brash man who is not ashamed to throw around his position to intimidate others for petty reasons. He is also willing to stoop as low such as kidnapping if it will give him an advantage. Heinkel uses his son as a tool to safeguard his rank in the Royal Guard and has no problems making him act as a shield in times of danger at even the expense of others and Reinhard himself.


Heinkel was born to his father, Wilhelm van Astrea, and to his mother, Theresia van Astrea. In his younger days, he was a much more earnest and kind man who seemed to have aspirations of becoming the next Sword Saint like his mother and worked in effort. He became the Deputy Commander of the Royal Guards and sometime later he married Louanna. They had a son, Reinhard van Astrea. However, things would soon begin to go awry for the Astreas, first with Louanna suddenly falling into deep sleep two years after Reinhard's birth and left in an inanimate state without any cure for such condition. In grief Heinkel became an alcoholic, who entirely ignored Reinhard's education and existence. Later, when the Hakugei came to the Kingdom of Lugnica, Heinkel was commissioned to lead a group of men to eliminate it, but he refused since he was too afraid. Theresia took his place at Heinkel's request but ended up being killed by Pandora.

When Wilhelm returned from the search for a royal family member, he was as upset with Heinkel for his irresponsibility as he was with Reinhard for taking away the Sword Saint powers from Theresia during the battle, leading to a bad relationship between them. Heinkel continued working for the Royal Guards, with displeasure for both, and Wilhelm left them and started working for Crusch Karsten. Heinkel inherited the estate and territories of House Astrea then. At some point, Heinkel had lost a duel to Reinhard at the age of 5 which afterword for a time unsavory rumors about the two's relationship began swell from that point in where suggest that Reinhard was being treated like a slave. However, Reinhard eventually joined the Royal Guard and earned accolades while Heinkel dishonored further languished and rotted. A couple of months after the incident at the Sanctuary, he met Priscilla Barielle and formed an alliance of sorts with her, to obtain the Dragon's Blood to cure his sleep-bound wife.


Swordmanship: Despite being insecure about fighting, he's decently skilled.

Equipment: Heinkel is the current wielder of the Holy Sword Astrea (聖剣アストレア Seiken Asutorea).



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