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Hetaro Pearlbaton (ヘータロー・パールバトン) is one of Anastasia Hoshin's followers and is one of the three vice captains of the mercenary group Fang of Iron.


Hetaro has aqua green eyes and medium-length orange hair. He has orange cat ears along with a tail and wears a white robe. Unlike his sister Mimi, he has differently shaped eyebrows and slightly droopy eyes. He is described to be a boy with big round eyes who is easily mentally fatigued.


Unlike his cheerful sister, Hetaro has a more cautious personality, which comes from his experiences of taking care of his sister. As he is a siscon, he generally tends to let his sister do whatever she wants, leading her to grow into her current personality, though because of this he is attentive and is sensitive to changes in mood. Despite this, he is also on good terms with his younger brother Tivey, who listens to what he has to say. Due to Ricardo's habit of heading straight into the battle, he is virtually the commander of the Fang of Iron while in battle.


Sometime in the past, Mimi, Hetaro and Tivey were abandoned by their parents and were taken in by Roshi. Mimi and Hetaro attempted to rescue Anastasia, but they were incidentally captured instead by Razcrew. Razcrew planned to sell them on the slave markets in the north of Kararagi. However, his plan was thwarted, and he ended up being enslaved himself. After with the defeat of Reisel, Anastasia vowed that if anything happened to Roshi, she would take the Pearlbatons under her care.

After the assailants killed Roshi, Anastasia, Ricardo, and the Pearlbatons get revenge on the murderers. They've lived with the Fang of Iron under Anastasia and Ricardo's care ever since.


Divine Protection (加護 Kago): Hetaro has the Divine Protection of Trisection (三分の加護 Sanbun no Kago), which he uses in conjunction with his siblings Mimi and Tivey. It enables them to bear each other's physical and emotional burdens and can also be used to split damage between them such as to block death blows. However, as Mimi is the strongest out of the three, her brothers are often stuck with bearing her burdens. In addition, they can launch a destructive interference wave using the Divine Protection and the other siblings, though Mimi is limited to five times and Hetaro and Tivey are limited to two times, so the maximum usage per day is four times.

Resonance Wave:

Hetaro uses the Resonance Wave against Hakugei

The triplets unleashes a burst of violent destructive mana from their mouths together. Only two of the three of them can do it at a time. This ability was learned from Ricardo as he is the originator of that ability.

Water Magic: Hetaro is able to use Water Magic.

Liger (ライガー Raigā):

The Fang of Iron riding on their Ligers onto the White Whale.

Ricardo and the members of the Fang of Iron ride on large grey wolves called Ligers. Although they are similar to Earth Dragons, Ligers lack strength, but they are more agile and have higher speed and endurance. They have a high chance of winning if they were to fight in melee combat.


  • According to the author, Hetaro's birthday is May 5, the same as his brother and sister, Tivey and Mimi.
  • He is the wisest of the three siblings according to the Q&A.