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Holly Shudrak (ホーリィ・シュドラク) is a member of the Shudrak Clan located in the depths of the Buddheim Jungle, in the Empire of Vollachia. She debuted in Arc 7.


Holly is a beautiful but rather chubby girl with bountiful breasts, clad in minimal clothing. She has a playful yet teasing gaze, chubby face and short black hair which she dyed yellow, according to her Clan's customs. Just like her fellow clanswomen, Holly can also usually be seen with a bow.


As her appearance dictates, Holly is a rather playful girl, often teasing her friends, especially Kuna, the girl she shares her birthday with. Despite her teasing nature, however, Holly's words know how to hit the right spots as she's easily able to infuriate the aforementioned woman with a single short remark. As one would surmise from her appearance, Holly is quite fond of food, willing to go to extra lengths in order to catch herself a tasty meal.


Skilled Marksman: Holly is quite skilled with her bow, which she can usually be seen carrying around. Her shots are extremely precise and powerful, as she was able to easily kill a wild animal with a single precise snipe which pierced the animal's heart.


  • Holly shares the same birthday as Kuna.