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Holosseo Featherrun (ホロッセオ・フェザーラン) was a high-ranking member of the Gustekan Holy Church.


Holosseo was a middle-aged man who gave off a corpse-like impression. He had a flabby appearance and plump face. His eye sockets were empty, with white scars adorning the area around them, having had his eyes gouged out as the byproduct of torture.


Being a Featherrun, Holosseo possessed the knowledge to create Curse Dolls. He came to head a secret division for the church which made use of his curse dolls to carry out the killing of heretics and others deemed as undesirables to the church. In the process he tried to make numerous curse dolls, but the vast majority of them failed and became shadows of their former selves. Nevertheless, he still succeeded in making six functional, yet imperfect curse dolls in total. One day, he decided to start the process in which his curse dolls would slaughter each other to create a complete one, inspired by the legends of the Witch of Envy absorbing and kill the other Witches, however Elsa Granhiert killed him shortly after receiving his instructions.


Curse Doll Making: As a doll maker, Holosseo was able to make suitable candidates into curse dolls via a ritual, retaining command over them.