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Hornet (ホーネット Hōnetto) was a sword slave at Gladiator Island Ginunhive. During the Ginunhive Uprising incident covered in the Re:Zero spinoff volume Ex5, she helped the uprising's mastermind Ubilk attempt to free the island from the mainland.

She was killed during her fight with Al and Arakiya, with Al poisoning her and giving her a non-honourary death.


Hornet is a tall woman about two meters in height, towering over her opponents. She has short black hair with her sides shaved and coloured light purple, deep purplish-red eyes, and tends to dress herself in a black and yellow body suit. Finally, before battle, Hornet always put on her two black and light-purple swords which she wears as prosthetics. The blades are so heavy that she must have at least two people putting them on.


Hornet tended to often tease people she respected and was relatively close with, such as Al. When in combat, however, Hornet was a nasty and brute fighter, with no disregard for a fair fight.


At some point in time, Hornet came to the Gladiator Island Ginunhive, where spent the rest of her life fighting in the arena. During the uprising of the Ginungive Island, she perished while trying to protect the bridge and fighting Al and Arakiya.


Considerable Strength: Hornet is very skilled as a fighter, and has been mentioned to be one of the strongest people Al had fought in his life, possibly as strong as some of the Nine Divine Generals.


  • Twin Prosthetic Arm Swords: As she had lost her arms during her time on the Island, Hornet wielded two giant swords instead of her prosthetic arms. She was very skilled with them.