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Crystal Palace Guards escorting the Prime Minister, Berstetz Fondalfon.

The Imperial Army are the armed forces of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia, most commonly dispatched under the direct command of the Emperor. It's tasked with maintaining relative peace in the Empire, protecting the Emperor, squashing any major rebellions that periodically appear throughout the nation, and patrolling its major border checkpoints.


In the new world, the Sacred Empire of Vollachia is noted for having the largest and strongest army out of all Four Great Nations. Due to the Empire's code–strong rule over the weak–each and every member of the army is a strong and capable individual, willing to give their life for the Emperor. If one does not display the resolve to die for the Emperor, they're subjected to harsh and cruel punishments. For example, among the guards tasked with guarding the Royal Chamber, it is forbidden to display even a hint of cowardliness or hesitation. When one of the guards' sword trembled for but a mere second upon facing Bordeaux Zellgef, he was swiftly forced to cut his own throat in front of the Emperor. In case he would have refused to take his own life, another guard would. According to Balleroy Temeglyph, cowardliness is a disease that can easily shake the very core of an army, hence it must be eradicated the very second it reveals its foul head.

One of the Empire's trump cards are the so-called Dragon Riders. Winged Dragons, used by the Dragon Riders, are a subspecies of dragons, and are the only subspecies capable of flying. They're native to the Imperial soil and are nigh impossible to domesticate. Even among the Imperial Army, rarely do people with an innate ability to mount and fly these beasts, show up. Due to the dragons' prideful personality, they refuse to wear any kind of a saddle or reins, meaning the riders are completely left to the mercy of the beasts. If mastered, however, a soldier can manoeuvre the skies of a battlefield and if equipped accordingly, rain down death from above. One of such examples was the 9th Divine General Balleroy Temeglyph, who was, with his usage of Yang and Wind Magic, able to bend the light around him and his dragon, as well as diffuse their aura, rendering them completely invisible, at a cost of not being able to hear anything while in this state. With his magical colourless sniper shots, he was able to rain precise shots at his enemies.

Furthermore, the Empire is capable of utilising the so-called Sky Dragon Ships; large airships suspended between two Winged Dragons. However, these ships are very rarely used.

The Imperial Army consists of 5 ranks which are listed in order from lowest to highest: Soldier (兵卒, Heisotsu), First-Class Soldier (上等兵, Jōtō-hei), Third-Class General (三将, Sanshou), Second-Class General (二将, Nishou) and First-Class General (一将, Isshou). According to the previous 9th ranking Divine General Balleroy Temeglyph, there are nine First-Class Generals in total, and they're collectively referred to as the Nine Divine Generals (九神将 Kyuushinshou). Also, those who reach the rank of General are no longer required to wear armour, furthermore First-Class Generals are equivalent to the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica's commander of the Royal Knight Order in authority.

Nine Divine Generals[]

The current Nine Divine Generals of the Empire alongside the former 77th Emperor featured in Volume 28.

There exists a group of elite soldiers within the Vollachian military dubbed the Nine Divine Generals (九神将 Kyuushinshou) whom consists of strongest or most accomplished members in the army and enjoy a considerable amount of influence within the country. The Nine Divine Generals consist of all nine First-Class Generals, and sit on the upper echelon of the military, having supreme authority over the Imperial Army and work directly under the Emperor's orders. They have their own sub-hierarchy numbering from one to nine with a lower number denoting a higher rank. As mentioned above, with the title of a Divine General, one gets significant authority in the nation. However, lower ranks don't always denote higher authority. An example would be the 1st ranking Divine General Cecilus Segmunt. Despite being the nation's strongest individual and fully capable of taking out all other Divine Generals combined, Cecilus is not well-liked and has miniscule influence, compared to individuals such as the 4th ranking Divine General Chisha Gold, who is among the weakest of the Divine Generals, but greatly excels in tactics and planning, acting as the Emperor's tactician and decoy.

According to Berstetz Fondalfon, the system known as "The Nine Divine Generals" was not always present in the Imperial Army. As per Berstetz's word, Vincent was the one who reinstated the system after years of it not being a fully-fledged rank in the army. Before Vincent's coronation, the highest rank one could achieve in the Imperial Army was a First-Class General.






  • The 1st Ranking Divine General-Cecilus Segmunt-is said to be so strong that he'd be able to slaughter the entire Vollachian army if he so wished.
  • According to Vincent, there's a force of roughly thirty thousand imperial soldiers stationed all across the Imperial Capital, available at the Emperor's orders.