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Irlam Village (アーラム村 Āramu-mura) is a village located near Roswaal's Mansion, which was shown for the first time during Arc 2. The current head of the Irlam Village is Milde Irlam.


The Irlam village is located within the territory of Roswaal L Mathers, and is surrounded by multiple forests and large meadows. The village itself exists out of many small houses, with in the center of the village a house bigger than the others, which even carries a red flag.

There are multiple small bridges and roads that cross Irlam Village, the most notable one is the road to the Mansion of Roswaal. There is also a small bridge which crosses the lake that leads into a forest full of Wolgarms. In order to protect the villagers, they used some magical stones that functioned as a barrier, which prevented any Demon Beasts from trespassing.


The town was founded in a field near the Mathers territory, its leader was Milde Irlam for years. Although it appeared to be a peaceful place, it was actually located near a forest full of Wolgarms, causing the villagers to place magical stones around the village, capable of preventing the creatures from approaching.

When Subaru arrived, he met a group of nice children, however, they disappeared. As the villagers went out to look for them, Subaru and Rem tried to locate them in the forest, confronting many Wolgarms, but saving the children. The one in charge of everything was Meili, a girl who also lived in the town. As she knew that they would be looking for her, she chose to escape.

On the rest of the days, Subaru decided to do exercises with all the inhabitants every time he visited them, when he finished he used to give stamps to the children.

A month later, Subaru hired some merchants to evacuate the town from a possible attack of the Witch Cult. Half of the population was transported in the capital while the other half went to the Sanctuary. Almost in a week, the Emilia Camp helped bring the Sanctuary group to its home with the rest of the inhabitants. Of all the children, Petra Leyte joined the camp of the Emilia, moving with them to another mansion.


Irlam Village


  • The name of the village changes based on the surname of the current head.
  • It's noted by outsiders that it's strange for a human settlement to be built near a known demon beast habit, and the use of magic stones to form large scale wards against them is also unique to the village.