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Jamal Aurelie (ジャマル・オーレリー) is a soldier of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia who holds the rank of a First Class Soldier. He's part of the same camp that encountered Natsuki Subaru, Rem and Louis in Arc 7. During the time Subaru was unconscious after his jump into the river to save his life, Jamal and his squad found them and were subsequently defeated by Rem.

Following Vincent and Subaru's successful infiltration and seizing of the fortified Imperial City of Guaral, Jamal was captured by members of the Shurdak Clan to let Todd escape from the city and was taken in as a prisoner by Zikr Osman's forces.


Jamal is a tall and very well-built man, wearing an eyepatch over his right eye. He's described as the embodiment of the word "rough".


Jamal is openly hostile and aggressive towards Subaru from the start due to the fact that Rem had beat up two of his men. Despite being initially stopped by Todd, Jamal continued to with his oppressive and rough attitude towards Subaru, even going as far as to stomp on Subaru's broken fingers and badly beating him as well as lifting Louis by the hair and slamming her into the ground in order to "teach her a lesson". In the evening of the first night Subaru spent in the military camp, his goal was to provoke Subaru to retaliate, likely in order to exact revenge for his two fallen comrades.

Despite these rough traits, Jamal has a sense of honor. He was rather taken aback when Todd stabbed Subaru and despised Subaru more than ever due to him seemingly selling out his tribe for his own safety.


Five years before the start of the main story, Jamal was stationed in the Imperial City of Garkla. After the destruction of the city resulting from the Sin Archbishop of Greed ten years prior, numerous factions of bandits came into the city under one union and interfered with the rebuilding process. However, Jamal fought and slew one of the bandit's leaders in order to make his enemies lose morale at the cost of his right eye. Later, Jamal met Todd, who had quit being a bandit at that point, and introduced him to his younger sister, Katya.

Roughly about two to three months before the start of the main story, Jamal and Todd were talking about the revolt started at that point in time by Yoruna Mishigure, the 7th ranking Diving General. During this conversation, Jamal talked about how he heard a rumor about testing people in the subjugation of Yoruna's rebellion in order to see who would take the place of the former 9th ranking Divine General. After Jamal was asked about his source, he revealed that he had heard it from a few people who fled from a fortress that Yoruna had attacked. After taking the time to gather more information, the two later captured the fled soldiers to turn them in as prisoners and helped to bring an end to the rebellion, though they received no reward for their contributions.


Combat Ability: Despite not looking like it, Jamal's skills with the sword are far from ordinary. He's easily capable of dispatching strong opponents, be it Demon Beasts or other soldiers, and deflecting a storm of arrows shot at him with high speed and precision[1]. After Subaru led Todd, Jamal and the rest of the group into the Demon Beast's ambush, Jamal was the one who fought it almost single handedly and even decapitated it, without much trouble–a feat not many can pride themselves with. Jamal had risen to his rank as a First-Class Soldier in the Empire for his skill with the sword and fighting prowess which is said to be on par with roughly ten regular Imperial Soldiers[2], though he still cannot compare himself to truly strong individuals such as the Nine Divine Generals.

Above-Average Reflexes: Jamal displayed above average reflexes in battle, as he was easily able to run long distances and deflect incoming arrows with his twin swords without getting hit or even grazed by them.

Brute Strength: While not possessing even a fifth of the strength of the individuals such as the Divine Generals, Jamal is very strong for a normal person.


  • Twin Swords: Jamal masterfully wields twin swords in battle, using either for offence or defence as needed with surprising skill for somebody who looks and acts like a back-alley thug most of the time. He was easily able to overpower Holly who wielded a spear and was noted to be a rather skilled opponent[3].


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