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Jorah Pendleton (ジョラー・ペンダルトン Jorā Pendaruton) was a Mid-Level Count of the Vollachia Empire and the first husband of Priscilla Barielle.

As he died roughly seven years before Subaru's arrival to the new world–following the Gladiator Island Ginunhive's rebellion–Jorah never made it to the main story, however, he has played an important supporting role in the 5th spinoff prequel Re:Zero Ex Light Novel Volume 5.


Jorah was an old man with a decently tall stature, a wrinkled face with sky blue eyes and ashen grey hair. He was usually dressed in fine turquoise clothes and wore a hat of the same colour pallet.


Jorah was a cowardly man who didn't have the strength nor the ambition to behave as the Vollachian code demands of its denizens. Though he had a weak side, he also had a caring personality when it came to Priscilla despite their age difference, taking care of her for as long as he could until his untimely death.


Around 7 years before the main story, Jorah married Priscila sometime after her fake death and he chose to care for her. Sometime later, Serena Dracroy sent her servants Balleroy Temeglyph and Miles to the Pendleton Estate in order to invite him and Priscilla to the Gladiator Island Ginunhive. While they were there, the sword slaves attempted to spark a revolution that would render the island independent from the mainland, which later ended up failing thanks to the intervention of the Imperial army.

Soon afterwards, Jorah was accused of attempting to overthrow the Emperor of Vollachia, Vincent Vollachia, from his position. As a result, Goz Ralfon visited his manor in an attempt to take custody of him and Priscilla, but Jorah fought Goz and his escorts away for Priscilla's sake, knowing that he would soon meet his end.