Joshua Juukulius (ヨシュア・ユークリウス) is Julius Juukulius' younger brother.


Joshua is an elegant and handsome young man with a clear and slender face and long, light purple hair that he regularly ties into a tail, leaving it to elegantly fall down his shoulders. He has bright and sparkling, yellow slant up eyes that give off a sharp look which left a pretty bad first impression on Subaru. His black clothes are well tailored and perfectly fit his slender physique; paired with his monocle, they give off a strict and scholarly impression and one can easily figure out his social standing. He's described to give off an impression of a boy who would best fit into a quiet room, immersed in literature - which coincidentally was how he spent most of his childhood. Despite that, Joshua is extremely well mannered and his posture is elegant and befitting of a high ranking noble.

Due to his illness, Joshua is physically very weak and quickly runs out of stamina. As a child, he spent his days buried in books and observing his brother Julius practicing with a sword, often wishing he could join him. 


Unlike his brother Julius, Joshua doesn't have the same composed personality, as shown when he gets flustered with the antics of the Emilia Camp members. Despite this, he has a serious yet amiable personality. He respects his brother to the utmost degree and can't stop when he starts talking about him.

Currently, Joshua has had his name and memories eaten by Roy Alphard, erasing his existence from the world and putting him in suspended animation.


Joshua was born sickly until he was 14 and hasn't learned combat skills because of this.


  • According to the author, Joshua's birthday is January 10.
  • Joshua wears a monocle because he thinks Tivey looks cool wearing it so he decided to imitate him.


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