Julius Euclius Anime
Julius Juukulius
 Kanji ユリウス・ユークリウス
 Romaji Yuriusu Yūkuriusu
 Alias Valuable Knight (最優の騎士 Saiyū no Kishi)
 Nickname Juli (ユーリ Yūri)
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age 22 (Arc 5+)
21 (Arc 3-4)
 Hair Color Light Purple
 Eye Color Yellow
 Height 179 cm (5'10")
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Kingdom of Lugnica
Juukulius House
Anastasia Camp
 Previous Affiliation Fang of Iron (temporary)
 Occupation Royal Guard (Knight)
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Klein Juukulius (father)
Maria Juukulius (mother)
Alviero Juukulius (adoptive father/uncle)
Joshua Juukulius (younger brother)
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic All Six Elements
 Divine Protection Gathering Spirits
• Debuts•
 Light Novel Volume 4
 Manga Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 12
• Portrayal•
 Japanese Voice Eguchi Takuya
 English Voice Chris Niosi

Julius Juukulius (ユリウス・ユークリウス) is Anastasia Hoshin's knight and a member of the Royal Guard.


Julius has yellow eyes and light purple hair that is arranged neatly with a strand hanging down his face. He wears the Royal Guard uniform. When he fought with Subaru, he wore a black suit with blue borders.


As a member of Lugnica's nobility, Julius acts in a proper fashion, always having an air of nobility and conviction. He is also considerate and doesn't forget to show care toward others. He also shows a strict side, giving out accurate assessments of others whether they're good or bad, which is a result to his upbringing as an elite, and in actuality he believes that he and others can do better than they currently are.

Julius doesn't like those who forget their place, leading him to have bad relations with Subaru for a while. While both have apologized to each other after the battle with the Hakugei, Subaru told him he still hated him, with Julius stating that he didn't think they could be friends.

Currently, Julius has had his name eaten by Roy Alphard, effectively erasing his history from the world.


Julius lived with his family at the Juukulius House. After his father, Klein Juukulius died, he started to live with his uncle Alviero and he started to take care of Julius and became his adoptive father.


Divine Protection (加護 Kago): Julius has the Divine Protection of Gathering Spirits (誘精の加護), which enables him to see, talk, and be liked by Spirits, though he has to work hard to actually get liked by Spirits.

Spirit Affinity: Julius has a rare innate gift to form contracts with spirits.

Julius' Quasi Spirits

Spirit User (精霊使い): Julius was contracted with six Quasi Spirits. They were known as Ia (イア, red/fire), Kua (クア, blue/water)、Aro (アロ, green/wind), Ik (イク, yellow/earth), In (イン, white/Yang), and Nes (ネス, black/Yin). His contract with them was severed when his name was eaten. As Julius is also a knight, he prefers to be called a Spirit Knight (精霊騎士 Seirei Kishi).

Spirit Arts (精霊術): Julius is able to use Spirit Magic with any of his six and combine their powers.

  • Clarista (クラリスタ): Julius imbues his sword with the power of his six Quasi Spirits. Clarista and its different levels are Julius' original magic.
    • Al Clarista (アル・クラリスタ): Julius uses a long range version of Clarista where he unleashes this sixfold spell in blast of pure destructive energy.
  • Clausel (クラウゼル): Julius imbues his sword with the power of his six Quasi Spirits. However, contrary to Clarista, Clausel is able to be used from afar, thus is ranged.
    • El Clausel (エル・クラウゼル): The vibrance of the six spirits draws a circle in front of the user's eyes, and an extremely bright light emanates from the tip of his sword that aimed to stab through the target's center. Multiple affinities mixed, that destructive power develops into a rainbow-colored blow that could swallow up everything.
  • Nect (ネクト): A high level magic that enables people to share senses within the effect area by connecting their gates. It is considered to be difficult to use, however In and Nes can use it by pairing Yin and Yang Magic together and tuning the interference of mana between people. If it is too weak the thoughts won't get through, yet if it's too strong people wouldn't know where the line between them and other people begin. Perform with In and Nes.
  • Fell Goa: Julius calls on La and Aro to produce a powerful magical firestorm. Combining both Fire and Wind magic.

Skilled Swordsman: Julius is highly skilled at sword fighting. According to Balroy's notes that based on his strength, he could be the second Nine God General of the Vollachia Empire or higher.

Shaknar (シャクナール): Shaknar is Julius' beautiful blue Earth Dragon. Despite forgetting who Julius is, it still accepted him due to its training.


  • According to the author, Julius's birthday is July 7, and his birth flower is a Nymphaea, or water lily.
  • The name was chosen by his father, Klein Juukulius.