Reinhard van AstreaEdit

Reinhard is one of his great friends. Although sometimes they come to disagree, Reinhard continues to respect his decisions.

Felix ArgyleEdit

He was commissioned to watch over him when he joined the Kingdom Knights and they got along quite well.

Anastasia HoshinEdit

Julius has absolute loyalty towards Anastasia. They both trust each other knowing the other would do their job correctly.

Ricardo WelkinEdit

Despite being a higher class, he views Ricardo as a trustworthy ally and a comrade. When Julius began to doubt himself during the events of Arc 5, Ricardo lifted his spirits and remove any doubt he had. Ricardo sacrificed his arm in order to defend Julius from Roy, but his name was eaten and he was defeated regardless.

Joshua JuukuliusEdit

They respect each other and love each other as brothers.

Roy AlphardEdit

Julius had an ominous feeling that creeped him out when Roy kept calling him "brother". Roy is the one who ate Julius's name, erasing the memories of him from everyone he met and ate Joshua's name and memory, thus erasing his existence from the world.

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