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Kadomon Risch (カドモン・リッシュ) is a fruit seller in the royal capital.


Kadomon is a muscular and firmly built fruit seller, and often carries a twig in his mouth. He has green hair which he bands back into a slicked-back style, with a hairband to hold it tightly together. He wears a black vest with a golden outline, and two bracelets line his wrists.

His face is dominated by two large scars running down from his forehead to his chin and right below his left eye. He also has a small goatee and two sky blue eyes.


Despite his rough looks, Kadomon is actually a kind and good-natured person, though gets annoyed with people's antics when they happen in front of his store since it usually detracts from his business. 


  • According to the author, Kadomon's birthday is November 6.