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Kafma Irulux (カフマ・イルルクス Kafuma Irurukusu) is a Second-Class General of the Imperial Army.

Debuting in Arc 7, Kafma first appeared as the false Emperor's escort and encountered Subaru, Al and Medium O'Connell in Chaosflame's Red Lapis Castle, where he almost immediately became hostile attacked the group shortly after.


Kafma Irulux is an average-sized man with short, bristling yellow-green hair, who's seemingly about as old as Vincent, if not slightly older. As expected from a Second-Class General, Kafma is adorned in a tight, black set of armour, which he covers with a sandy-coloured cloak, likely to not attract attention. His facial expressions, physique, and the overall air he gives off have all been described to be as sharp as a wire.


Most of the time, Kafma acts professional and follows orders without much complains, however, his temper is rather short which makes him appear very tense and quick-to-blow-up, often causing him to make impulsive decisions mere moments after hearing an unwanted reply. When subjected to scenarios he isn't fond off, Kafma doesn't refrain from speaking his mind, be it to someone of a lower rank than him or to the very Divine Generals who command him. As most other members of the Imperial Army, he is also very patriotic, and holds the Empire as well as the Emperor in very high regards. Despite his outward anger, Kafma holds shame as a result of his clan's involvement in a previous rebellion against the Emperor and doesn't always hold himself in high regards.


Roughly two to three months after the death of the former 9th ranking Diving General, Balleroy Temeglyph, a meeting was held in order to determine who would take his place. The 5th ranking Divine General, Goz Ralfon, quickly suggested Kafma as a suitable candidate due to his deep loyalty to the Empire and its Emperor as well as his very well honed skills as a warrior which let him ascend to the rank of a Second-Class General at a very young age.

After Yoruna Mishigure began a revolt, Kafma was released from his house arrest in order to handle the rebellion and prove his usefulness against the other candidate, Madelyn Eschart. Later, while confronting the citizens of Chaosflame with Goz, Kafma ultimately concluded that he was not fit to become a Divine General and gave up his chances in favor of letting Madelyn take the 9th seat.


Insect Cage Clan Attacks: As a member of the Insect Cage Clan, Kafma can masterfully use a variety of his Clan's trademark attacks and weapons.

  • Throwing Thorns: Kafma can skilfully throw countless thorny insects towards his enemies at extreme precision and speed. The thrown insects can be as big as a grown person's arm, and are dark-green in colour. With this attack, Kafma easily breaches the distance between him and his enemies, skewering them before they have the chance to retaliate.
  • Flying: Kafma can sprout six insect wings that enable him to fly. He demonstrated this ability during Yoruna's most recent rebellion.


  • Despite being a Second-Class General, Kafma is stated to have an equal ability in power compared to the Nine Divine Generals, with his personality being the only difference between them.[1]


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