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The Kararagi City States (カララギ都市国家), usually referred collectively as Kararagi (カララギ), is one of the four great nations of the world. It is known for being a center of trade across the continent and its proto-capitalistic market structure. Many of its citizens are heavily individualistic in nature, leading to the rise of businesses and free enterprise.

The region is described to resemble Japan, specifically the early-modern period feudal society of Japan, along with influences from other eras and regions such as the German Hanseatic League. This is seen in Kararagi's architecture, style of dress, cuisine, naming customs, and even its particular speech style. The area is also noted for its high and socially mobile Demi-Human population, implying that one's race matters very little in your status, unlike in top-down true feudal societies such as the one in Lugnica; only your assets count.

The Kararagi City States were founded by a man known as Hoshin of the Wilderness and Echidna mentioned that she has a connection with Kararagi since she "helped found it".



Kararagi is presumably the country farthest to the west, bordering the Kingdom of Lugnica on its east, with Vollachia to its Southeast, and Gusteko along its Northeastern border. The Lugnican city of Priestella borders Kararagi on the eastern border just across the Tigracy River, and thus shares a unique cultural bond with the region.

Presumably, around the same latitude as Lugnica, the territory supports temperate to sub-tropical climates. Ligers, a mammalian animal similar to wolves (except much larger and stronger to the point that they can be used as steeds) can be commonly found in the region and as such have been domesticated in the same way ground-dragons have been in Lugnica. A plant similar to the Japanese cherry can also be found in Kararagi.


Besides being a Hanseatic League-style free trade confederation, the region displays a striking similarity to Japan, mostly the early-modern era (1500-1800), as well as other influences from nearly all periods of Japanese history. Of course, contact with other nations has also allowed a pseudo-western culture to plant itself within.

The citizens of Kararagi are known to speak with a Kansai Japanese dialect, reflecting Japan's pre-Meiji-era Kyoto-based society that the country draws inspiration from. Yukatas and other Japanese clothes are commonly worn by the citizens living in Kararagi. As with most other things, the architecture of the region, known in-universe as Wafuu, is similar to designs of Feudal and Edo Japan-era buildings, though some structures resemble English Tudor-dynasty buildings more than anything else.

The cuisine of the land closely reflects modern Japanese cuisine - Ricardo is shown drinking sake (which implies the existence of rice as a staple food), and in Anastasia Rising in Life Memorial Day, Ricardo gave Anastasia a dorayaki. In Arc 5, Anastasia hosts a dinner party, featuring famous Japanese foods and condiments such as sashimi, wasabi, and soy sauce, among other items. In accordance with the custom of renaming common food items, okonomiyaki in the new world is known as daisukiyaki. Multiple characters are also shown using chopsticks.


Uniquely, the country has a large population, either a large minority or a small majority, of Demi-Humans. The region appears to form a large part of a greater Demi-Human nation, which includes Eastern Lugnica and areas of the other two great countries. It can be assumed that a large number of Demi-Humans residing in Kararagi are former refugees from the war in Lugnica.

Much like the rest of the world, and unlike any actual Japanese person, the humans of Kararagi exhibit extraordinary eye and hair colors not limited to brown and black. It is unknown if Hoshin of the Wilderness bore any children.


Based on the official name of Kararagi given by Julius Juukulius, it can be inferred that the country is either one unified state with multiple jurisdictions that happen to be entire cities, or a group of mostly independent city states voluntarily in a larger loose confederation. There are ten "great cities" in Kararagi in total, numbered from one to ten. Each of the ten great cities has a single representative, known as a Mayor (都市長) who all come together occasionally to elect the country's greater representative, referred to as the Consul General (大総領). This is most similar to the electorate system used to elect the Holy Roman Emperor in the real world.



Very little is known about the religious aspect of the country, but Shinto influence would not be unexpected.

Much as Flugel is idolized as both a historical-religious figure in Lugnica, Hoshin of the Wilderness is treated with just the same amount of respect and reverence.

Economics & Currency[]

The country is almost anarchist-capitalist to its core, morality can be thrown out of the window. The lack of centralized governance certainly lends its hand however rather than some fundamental ideological nature of extreme greediness. The economy is most likely driven by normal trades such as agriculture and craftwork, but also hosts very unpleasant though profitable trades such as prostitution, slavery, contract killings, trafficking, and mercenary work.

Slavery is legal in most parts of Kararagi. However, it is illegal to enslave someone in the town of Banan whose existence is secured. Conversely, it's legal to enslave street children as long as you're not seen doing so.


Mercenary organizations are abundant in Kararagi, so it can be assumed that the governing of the country hire their armies rather than drawing from feudal lords.

Kararagi's private military is the Fang of Iron which is currently owned by Anastasia Hoshin and lead by the captain of the Fang of Iron Ricardo Welkin. They are in charge of both trading supplies to other cities and countries, and service in the front lines of battle.

Another Kararagi's mercenary organization is called the Scratch of Silver, a mercenary group that is full of demi-humans.

Shinobi, or Ninja, are skilled spies and assassins based out of Kararagi that are known to be employed by other powers.


  • Note: The characters within the story rarely describe historical events within helpful context, so the unit BA, “Before Arrival”, and AA, “After Arrival”, will be used to place moments in time with the best available knowledge. Both are in reference to Natsuki Subaru’s arrival in the new world. In this case, only BA will be used. Also, note that the units are not official.

400 BA[]

  • Kararagi was founded by a man named Hoshin of the Wilderness (荒地のホーシン Arechi no Hooshin), a man speculated to be from the same world as Subaru and Al. He introduced many things similar to Japanese culture to the country.

14 BA[]

  • Reisel offered Ricardo his help in exchange for Ricardo's strength whilst they worked as slave labourers in the mines, and that allowed Ricardo to escape from the beatings. Reisel organized a slave rebellion and both he, and other slaves escaped, however he did not inform Ricardo of his plans. 

12 BA[]

10 BA[]

  • Ricardo saved a young, purple haired girl from a group of traders and secured her a job. Before parting, the girl pledged she's remove his collar, effectively freeing him from slavery. This girl would later come to be known as Anastasia Hoshin, one of the most influential people in the country.
  • Anastasia joined the Chuden Group and Ricardo offered his services as a mercenary to him. Chuden accepted and hired Ricardo to work at the company as his personal bodyguard. He was given a new collar that marked his status as the "hound" of the company, though the collar had its control gem removed.

9.5 BA[]

  • Chuden put Ricardo in charge of hunting down thieves and bandits in the outskirts of Banan.
  • Anastasia was captured by a Multi-armed man named Didorii and brought her to Razcrew planned to sell her on the slave markets in the north of Kararagi. However, his plan was thwarted by Anastasia, Mimi, and Hetaro, and he ended up being enslaved himself.
  • Ricardo, along with his mercenary group, ambushed the slave trading company and challenged Didorii to a one-on-one fight. He won the battle against Didorii and killed him.

9 BA[]

  • Reisel requested Ricardo to do him a favor by stealing from a cargo full of goods. Ricardo asked what his aim was, and Reisel replied that he intended to steal a Meteor from it. On a mountainside outside of Banan, both Ricardo and Reisel tried to ambush the cargo, Shiroro emerged from the cart and attempted to cut off Ricardo's head. Whilst that happened, Reisel stole the cart, leaving Ricardo behind as he battled against Shiroro. After the fight, both Ricardo and Shiroro formed a truce which resulted in Shiroro receiving the stolen goods back.
  • Echidna met Anastasia and became her consultant because she was intrigued by her. Anastasia promised Roshi that if he dies, she'll take care of the Pearlbatons.
  • After Reisel's defeat, Mother came to the scene where the weak and sprawling Reisel was in front of her. He tried to explain his failure, but she didn't allow for it. She touched his forehead and used her Authority, making Reisel lose all of his limbs, his eyes and ears, transforming him into something inhuman.

8 to 2 BA[]

  • After Roshi's death in Mimi Pearlbaton's Bite of Love and Passion, Anastasia and Ricardo took care of the triplets and lived with them ever since.
  • Eventually, the Ryuushika Business Association was founded, during which she voiced her opinion concerning a small business deal, earning her work. Eventually, she bought the company with her amassed wealth and renamed it into the Hoshin Trading Company. Looking to expand into the Lugnica market, she was in the middle of a conversation with the Juukulius family when it was discovered that she is eligible to participate in the royal election.


The land of the Kararagi City States

Albis River (アルビス河 Arubisu Kawa): A river which is located at the northern most part of Kararagi. The origin of the river is unknown, and it's long enough to go through Gusteko.

Free Trade Metropolitan Area (自由交易都市群 Jiyuu Boueki Toshigun): The Free Trade Metropolitan Area is presumably a metropolitan area that allows free trade. It is also where Anastasia is from and she is from the lower class.

Hoshin Trading Company (ホーシン商会 Hooshin Shoukai): The Hoshin Trading Company was originally called the Ryuushika Business Association (リューシカ商工会 Ryuushika Shoukoukai), which Anastasia used to be a member of, until she bought them and renamed the company, taking over as the president in the process. Since then she has used her business skills to make it grow into a major power within Kararagi. It is currently the Fang of Iron's base of operations.

Kyo (キョウ): The First City of Kararagi. It lies in the centre of Kararagi, between Banan and Fusumi,

Banan (バナン): The Second City of Kararagi and the city where the Rem IF/Natsuki Rem takes place. It lies in Western Kararagi near its center. It was previously an independent nation, whose destruction during the Hoshin-era gave rise to the phrase "Hoshin was Banan's sunset", which if directed towards another demands total submission, otherwise face violence.

Ivada (イヴァド): The Third City of Kararagi. It is the closest city to Lugunica, lying near the eastern border.

Fusumi (フスミ): The fourth city of Kararagi that lies near the Grand Mogolade Geyser. Many mountains surround the city. White Snow Sakuras blossom in the surrounding areas, thanks to the precipitation from the nearby geyser.

Outou (オウトウ): The fifth city of Kararagi. It lies in the far west of the nation, bordering the Great Waterfall.

Azamiki (アザミキ): The sixth city of Kararagi. It lies in the far north-west of the nation, bordering the Great Waterfall.

Tenmitsu (テンミツ): The seventh city of Kararagi. It lies in the north-east of Kararagi, near the border with Gusteko.

Magoji Mansion (マゴージ御殿): The Magoji Mansion, owned by Riften Magoji, is located in the northern part of the city.

Chuden Group (チュデン商会): The headquarters of the Chuden Group were based in Banan. The company was a subsidiary of the more prominent Regret Group.

Magolya Plateau (マゴーリア高原): A large plateau in Kararagi where the Grand Mogolade's Geyser's water spews out to.

Grand Mogolade Geyser (モゴレード大噴口): A body of water which is often mistaken as a lake. The geyser is said to be so deep that the water that filled it would lead to the Great Waterfall. Fish and other aquatic animals live in the geyser.  

Cragrel Moving Forest (クラグレル移動林): A special kind of body of nature that evolved due to Kararagi's harsh climate. A forest in which the roots of its trees do not sink to the ground. The forest evolved so that it would move as a single entity to areas in which the geyser spewed out its water, depending on the wind's direction. The trees' wood was known to be of very fine quality.

The Crimson Hills Girall (ギラル赤丘): Dunes which are made entirely out of fragments of small magic stones which lie at the far west of the world map. The fragments of magic stone explode all year round.

Zarestia's Bed (ザーレスティアの寝床 Zarestia no Nedoko): A cavern on the western edge of Kararagi inhabited by the Great Spirit Zarestia, who kills anyone who enters.