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The Kingdom of Lugnica, also known as the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica (ルグニカ王国 Rugunika Ōkoku) is one of the world’s Four Great Nations and is the country where most of the events of the main story take place. It is a monarchy, historically ran by the now-extinct Royal Lugnica family. It borders, in one way or another, the other three Great Nations.

Lugnica is a geographically large nation with a massive population of approximately 50 million individuals[1], with its territories able to support multiple environments and multiple climates. It is home to many races and ethnic groups and the nation's history spans at least one thousand years. It celebrates its nominal day of foundation on the 25th of the in-universe month, Marshba. The closest person to being the head of state in the absence of the monarch is the Prime Minister Miklotov McMahon, who has worked in a position of high office for the greater part of forty years.[2][3]

Despite economic recovery and relative peace and stability across most of the country, the contemporary Lugnica is negatively characterized by internal strife, racial tension, economic hardship among the disadvantaged, desperation for new decisive leadership by both the public and the ailing transitional government, and more recently, religious cult extremism and terrorism.


  • Note: The characters within the story rarely describe historical events within helpful context, so the unit BA, “Before Arrival”, and AA, “After Arrival”, will be used to place moments in time with the best available knowledge. Both are in reference to Natsuki Subaru’s arrival in the new world. In this case, only BA will be used. Also note that the units are not official.

1000 BA[]

  • The Lugnica dynasty was founded at least a thousand years ago.[4]

400 BA[]

  • The Great Calamity began with the appearance of the Witch of Envy. Starting from an unknown date and unknown location, the Witch irrationally began destroying the world around her, collapsing most of the old nations and killing many. Her actions also permanently scarred the geography of the world.
  • The great sage Flugel, with the combined strengths of his apprentice Shaula, the Divine Dragon Volcanica, and the first Sword Saint Reid Astrea, attempted to kill the rampaging Witch of Envy. However, because the witch is unable to be slain, she was instead sealed away within the vast expanse of the Augria Sand Dunes. The great Pleiades Watchtower was constructed to ensure that the witch was never freed again.
  • Lugnica and its southern neighbor, the Vollachia Empire, were once again at war. The king of Lugnica at the time, Farsale Lugnica, made a covenant with the dragon Volcanica to have it protect the kingdom, bringing the conflict to an end. The pact binded Volcanica to protect the kingdom from any external threat, but said nothing about intervening in offensive operations or in internal conflicts.

100 BA[]

  • The Sin Archbishop of Greed, accompanied by the Witch of Vainglory, attacked Elior Forest in search of a mysterious seal deep within the woods. The Witch directed the Kurohebi to the forest to aid their attack, which resulted in the forest being partially destroyed. Many elves were killed during the campaign. The assault ended when a young half-elf named Emilia froze the entire forest in a sudden uncontrolled rage. The forest, Emilia, and all of the remaining elves were left frozen in ice for nearly a century.

Approximately 50 BA[]

  • A royal princess of Lugnica, Emerada Lugnica (who may or may not be related to the Sin Archbishop of Lust), died at a young age due to a mysterious disease. For unknown reasons, the news of her death was kept secret for many years after. For yet stranger reasons, she was refused a state funeral, the reason being vaguely stated that “the national sentiment was against it."

Approximately 50 to 40 BA[]

  • A near decade long civil war, straightforwardly named the Demi-Human War, rocked the kingdom to its core. The “civil war” was more accurately described as massive rebellion that pitted the Demi-Human minority based in the eastern lands of Lugnica’s territory against the human majority who dominated the Kingdom of Lugnica. Prior to the outbreak of the fighting, the racial tensions between the humans of Lugnica and the Demi-races had been long established and long simmering. Due to the actions of the Witch of Envy hundreds of years ago, Half-Elves and other half races were considered to be heretical, with the prejudice soon extending to the relatively related Demi-Humans. These racial tensions had continued to grow for 350 years. Sometime later, a village of Demi-Humans became involved in a small conflict with a human village. However, during negotiations, the human representatives were assassinated, leading both sides to blame each other for the murders, contributing to more confusion and violence.
  • This event would be the spark that would ignite the war. Starting with the rebellion of several tribes in the east, the rebellion continued to spread across the entire kingdom to the point of a bloody stalemate. Through the efforts of people such as the Sword Saint, Theresia van Astrea, and one Wilhelm Trias, nicknamed the “Sword Demon” for his absolute ruthlessness on the battlefield, the stalemate eventually turned against the Demi-Humans. The Demi-Humans eventually admitted that it wouldn't benefit anyone to continue the fighting, although they still claimed not to be the responsible party for the initial assassinations that set the whole thing off ten years earlier.
  • The trauma of the horror and violence of the war still existed deep within the general population of Lugnica, both human and Demi-Human. As none of the many issues that caused the war were truly ever resolved by the end of the fighting, people in the current day still harbor major prejudice against the half-races, even if it isn't spoken aloud.
  • Something to be mentioned is that over the course of the civil war, the “Sword Demon” Wilhelm Trias, and the Sword Saint, Theresia van Astrea, met each consistently, starting with the first encounter in an abandoned construction yard in the Royal Capital. Over the course of three months, Wilhelm began to re-evaluate his life of cynicism and violence through connecting with Theresia. He later met her again, but this time on the battlefield, where Theresia saved Wilhelm from being overwhelmed by Demi-Humans. Wilhelm started to both envy and admire Theresia’s swordsmanship and beauty. Beginning to realize the implication and duty of Theresia’s tragic destiny, he resolved to free her from her obligation as the Sword Saint. They would not meet again for some time.

Approximately 48 BA[]

  • Battle of Castour Field. Demi-humans ambushed and routed the Royal Army in one of the first major engagements of the war. An entire squad was wiped out with the exception of two soldiers, one of them being Wilhelm, due to following his intuition and pushing forward.

Approximately 45 BA[]

  • Battle of Aihiya Swamp. Demi-humans destroyed three Human armies in the largest and deadliest battle of the war.

Approximately 40 BA[]

  • At the celebrations of the end of the civil war, Wilhelm Trias returned to “save” Theresia van Astrea from the potentially tainting life of being the Sword Saint. He proposed to her in the most Wilhelmian manner, a sword duel, and the next year, they were married. Wilhelm Trias took his wife’s surname to become Wilhelm van Astrea, and for some time after, the Sword Saint role was temporarily retired to allow Theresia to live a married life. Sometime after, Heinkel Astrea, the future deputy commander of the elite Royal Guard, was born.
  • In the months following the end of the Demi-Human War, Stride Vollachia began a campaign against the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica, kickstarting it with the infamous Silver Flower Dance of Picoutatte, where the Sword Demon–on behalf of Theresia–dueled the Vollachia's strongest warrior–on behalf of Stride. Once Theresia van Astrea was confirmed to be pregnant, Stride sprung into action after months of wait, orchestrating a series of attacks on noble residences including the Astrea manor, resulting in Theresia's kindapping and the death of her father–Veltol Astrea. The incident culminated roughly 3-4 months after Wilhelm's initial duel with Kurgan, in the summoning of the Black Dragon that might as well destroyed the country if it were not for the intervention of the Divine Dragon Volcanica for the first time in centuries.

14 BA[]

  • The Sword Saint, Theresia van Astrea, joined by a company of knights, was sent on an expedition to subjugate the Hakugei, better known as the White Whale, that had appeared in the country around that time. However, the mission ended catastrophically and Theresia was not among the few remaining survivors to return. This would be later be remembered as the First Great Expedition.
  • Reinhard van Astrea became the next Sword Saint at the age of 5. His inheritance of the Sword Saint’s blessings and powers came at a rather unfortunate time, as the sudden transfer of power resulted in his grandmother and then Sword Saint, Theresia van Astrea, losing her powers mid-battle with the White Whale, unintentionally leading to her death.
  • The infant daughter of Ford Lugnica, the brother to the 41st king, Randohal, was kidnapped by thieves who had snuck into his castle undetected. The child was never recovered. Supposedly, someone within the elite Royal Guard allowed the intruders to escape just as they were about to be caught. It’s also been rumored that the thieves were hired by Heinkel Astrea for unknown reasons. The incident and even the existence of the child was not publicly known, but the kidnapping of the royal baby would have major consequences within the internal society of the royal guards. It is one of few events not recorded in the Dragon Tablet. However, a current royal selection candidate, Felt, who is known to have the signature features of the Lugnica family, is suspected to be the missing daughter.

13 BA[]

  • Disturbing rumors about House Argyle, concerning the alleged abuse and torture of Ferris Argyle by his own father, Biehn Argyle, were investigated by the Duke Karsten and his daughter, Crusch Karsten. The result of the investigation lead to the Argyle family being ruined, losing all of their territories and assets, save for one piece of uncultivated land, which effectively stripped them of their nobility.

10 BA[]

  • The last Oni Village was raided and destroyed by the Witch Cult. All of the residing oni were massacred, with the exception of the oni sisters, Rem and Ram, who now reside in the domain of Roswaal L Mathers.

7 BA[]

  • Puck, a spirit created by the Witch of Greed, unfroze Emilia in Elior Forest and began to act as her friend and mentor.
  • The incident that would be known as the “Day of Red Earth and Sky" occured when Melakuera, the reigning Great Spirit of Fire, attacked the Elior Forest in search of the “half-witch” Emilia. The spirit accompanying Emilia, Puck, protected her and battled Melakuera. Melakuera lost the battle and died, with Puck inheriting the title of the next Great Spirit of Fire.

5 BA[]

  • The Fourtour Plains were ravaged by the Great Rabbit and the surrounding villages were forced to evacuate. Duke Karsten and his retainers fought it in battle, but he sustained injuries. The 17-year-old Crusch Karsten arrived later with Ferris Argyle, along with another contingent of soldiers, and managed to drive the creature out.
  • Hannah Argyle, the wife of the ruined Biehn Argyle, died suddenly. Lord Argyle, already a pariah in Lugnican society, began to delve deeper into depravity with his illegal research into resurrection. It would only be much later when it was discovered that Biehn had brutally murdered his wife; the reason is unknown, but frenetic stab wounds suggest an intense argument of some kind.

2 BA[]

  • All members of the royal family begain to die en masse due to the same unknown disease that supposedly killed Princess Emerada.
  • Ferris Argyle became a Kingdom Knight and entered the Royal Guard via a recommendation by the Royal Institute of Healing, as his Divine Protection of Water granted him incredible healing powers critical to the operations of the military. His appointment to the Royal Guard was further influenced by a recommendation by his close friend, the 4th Prince of Lugnica, Fourier Lugnica.
  • Biehn Argyle was discovered to have been communicating with a foreign operative from Vollachia in order to obtain slaves for human experimentation. House Karsten once again took up the task of investigating the Argyle family and the following events led to a clash at Argyle estate between the Karsten militia and Biehn's corpse soldiers, the result of his resurrection experiments. Biehn briefly managed to complete the act of resurrection on his wife, only for her to strangle him to death. The last living person in the mansion, the sole maid Hannah Regret, locked herself in the room with Biehn and his wife as the mansion burned down in the aftermath of the battle. The event was covered up and the residents of the Argyle manor were officially declared to have died by an accidental fire.
  • As with the case with the rest of the royal family, Fourier Lugnica fell ill to the mysterious epidemic. His father, the King Randohal Lugnica, also became ill around this time. The royal family was effectively paralyzed.

8-9 months BA[]

  • Prince Fourier Lugnica peacefully died after a year-long struggle with illness. With a final dream of marriage, he peacefully passed away in the lap of Crusch Karsten, the woman he loved. Ferris officially became Crusch's knight and Crusch officially began her bid for the Royal Selection, very much influenced by the prince’s death.
  • The total extinction of the known Lugnica royal family led to the abolition of the covenant between the Kingdom of Lugnica and the dragon Volcanica and the potential power vacuum threatened to become a nationwide emergency. The Council of Elders, led by Prime Minister Miklotov McMahon, assumed control of the government and scrambled to deal with the issue of succession. Crusch was the first of five candidates discovered to have the qualifications to potentially be Lugnica's new ruler as signified by the Dragon Insignia. She immediately moved to meet the “Sword Demon” Wilhelm van Astrea, now an old, though capable man, and invited him into her camp in exchange for House Karsten's assistance in hunting the White Whale that killed his wife.
  • Roswaal L Mathers met Emilia and Puck. After Puck and Roswaal battled for what was said to be half a day, Emilia defused the situation and accepted Roswaal's invitation to his mansion after he showed her the Dragon Insignia and enticed her into joining the Royal Selection to “free the elves”.
  • Priscilla Barielle, the daughter of Vollachian emperor Drizen Vollachia, and the young wife of the prominent lord Leip Barielle, was discovered to be another ruler candidate. A tournament was held for her to choose her personal knight out of fifty. Surprisingly, a former gladiator by the name of Aldebaran was picked, despite not finishing in the top four.
  • Shortly after, Leip became indisposed after "mysteriously" going into shock and later died. As the sole inheritor, Priscilla gained control over his territory. The domain miraculously prospered thanks to her divine luck.

3-4 months BA[]

  • The Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica entered a non-aggression pact with the neighbouring Holy Empire of Vollachia.
  • Roughly a month later, the famous Silver Flower Dance of the Sword Saint and Blue Lightning took place. The Kingdom's Sword Saint Reinhard van Astrea faced off against the Empire's 1st ranking Divine General Cecilus Segmunt. The outcome of the fight is unknown, but both survived the ordeal.



Kingdom Lugnica.png

The Kingdom of Lugnica is the easternmost country on the continent[5], bordering Gusteko to its north, Vollachia to its south, and Kararagi to the west.

The royal capital, the city of Lugnica, is located inside a complex of five large regional capitals centered around the capital, forming the approximate shape of a pentagon.

The capital city is divided into five circular layers, which are also known as districts, and the five districts are organized top down much like a feudal structure. The highest and first layer is traditionally the land of the royalty, with the Council of Elders and the most important nobles being the only ones who are permitted to live there. The second layer, also known as the Nobles' District, is dominated by the nobility and the wealthy, being the area where more well-known Houses such as Juukulius House, usually sport their manors and villas. The third layer is dedicated primarily towards economic and commercial purposes and the fourth and fifth layers are residences of the average citizenry and the impoverished respectively. The fifth district is fittingly named the Poor District.

The country contains several regions where mountains and hills are common, with the most prominent peaks located in the Royal Capital region. The country is expansive enough that it can support a wide range of different environments, from large temperate forests to Mediterranean climate regions to desert areas with sand dunes. Lugnica, in reality, doesn't seem to be all that big of a nation, considering the travel distances by foot, but since the country is seldom explored by the characters in the story, any attempts to estimate the size of the kingdom are simply impossible.

One of Lugnica's more notable features was Flugel's Tree, a massive tree towering hundreds of feet high planted by the Sage along the Lifaus Highway leading to the capital. The tree was brought down during the final Hakugei hunt, led by Natsuki Subaru.


It is mentioned in the web novel that the population of the Kingdom of Lugnica is approximately 50 million people, which is absolutely massive for a medieval nation. For comparison, Japan only reached a population count of 50 million in the year 1909[6]. It is very possible that these numbers are exaggerated or even wildly inaccurate.

The Royal Capital, the city of Lugnica, is mentioned to have a population of around 300,000, with the five other large regional capitals having populations of 200,000 to 300,000 centered around it.[7] Subaru estimates that the true population of the capital at any given time is much higher due to the lack of accountability for merchants, travelers, and others.[8]There are other small cities, towns, villages, and settlements dotted throughout the land.

The majority of Lugnica is human, but there is also a large minority of Demi-Humans, or humanoids with animal-like features to varying degrees. Demi-Humans have historically been oppressed by the majority of humans and tension leads to outbreaks of rebellions. Although Demi-Humans typically inhabit the eastern, mountainous, and rural areas of the country, there are sizable populations of minorities in the cities.[9]

Elves and half-elves are known to inhabit Lugnica, as do many sentient Spirits.


Lugnica is also referred to as the Dragon Kingdom Lugnica (親竜王国ルグニカ Shinryū Ōkoku Rugunika), having prospered in the past due to the covenant with the Dragon. As all known members of the royal family are now deceased, martial law is currently in effect, with the Sage Council taking over the role of government for the time being. In accordance with the prophetical Dragon Tablet, five young women have been selected as candidates to become the Dragon Maiden and the elected monarch.


The best mages of each of the six elements are given a color title (『色』の称号 Iro no Shougou), which are aliases that show their skill with a particular element. These titles were first created when Lugnica reorganized the basis of their magic system following the Demi-Human War. Currently, Blue (water) belongs to Ferris Argyle, Red (fire), Green (wind), and Yellow (earth) are the titles of Roswaal L Mathers, while Black (yin) and White (yang) are vacant.


The country worships the Dragon as its national deity and he is bound by a covenant established with the Lugnica royal family centuries ago. Imagery of the Dragon is seen in nearly every corner of Lugnica, despite the Dragon disassociating himself from the royalty.

Figures such as the Sage and the first Sword Saint also seem to gather a worthy and comparable amount of respect, in both a biblical and secular manner.

Another set of religious believers are of course the worshipers of the Witch of Envy, collectively known as the Witch Cult. The Witch Cult is actually active, if not more active, in areas outside of Lugnica. Despite being a large and increasingly active organization, the cult is extremely secretive in nature.

Economics & Currency[]

Holy Gold Coins.png

Coinage in Lugnica comes in four known types of coins. The lowest denomination of coin is the copper coin, which has the figure of the royal castle on it. The second denomination of coin is the silver coin, which has the figure of the Sage on it. The third denomination of coin is the gold coin, which has the figure of the first Sword Saint on it. And finally, the most valuable coin is the sacred gold coin, which has the figure of the Dragon on it.[10]

The price of things changes from time to time, especially in trade of vital resources in Lugnica like iron products and mana stones. However, it's been mentioned by characters in universe that in recent years, the country has been going through an economic downturn, further exacerbated by a recent great famine. Despite the current recovery, the nation’s troubles have left its finances unstable and its people desperate.

Considering the immense size of the Kingdom's population even during times of hardship, it can be assumed that the country has a massive, or at least an enhanced agricultural industry, yielding exotic fruits and all sorts of products such apples, lemons, peppers, and sugar at consistent rates, allowing the population to remain stable.

Also considering the extensive use of cut stone and in the construction of many of Lugnica's cities, it can be deduced that Lugnica also has an advanced craft sector composed of skilled stone masons, architects, and city planners. Engineering feats, such as wide paved roads in its major cities[11], working water fountains in marketplaces, and the waterworks projects in Priestella give a sense of the advanced state of infrastructure, and thus society in urban Lugnica, which is already far past the state of things in our Medieval Era.

Fifteen is considered the legal age of adulthood in Lugnica and is the time people typically begin to enter the workforce. They're also allowed certain privileges, such as drinking and smoking. Slavery is illegal, thus all servants must be treated as employees and paid appropriately.


Lugnica's national army is the Royal Army, which is currently headed by Marcos Gildark. Beyond them, there are various provincial armies that help defend the country's border governed by regional lords.

Lugnica is also capable of fielding an unknown number of magical artillery bearing similarities to the Maser cannons from the Godzilla series.

The country is also in the possession of by far the greatest military asset in the known world: the Sword Saint, Reinhard van Astrea, as well as the still active Divine Dragon. Luckily for other nations and adversaries of the government, the Kingdom is much too unwieldy to bring its full strength to bear nor will the Divine Dragon assist in an invasion.

It is worth noting, however, that after forming a covenant with the Kingdom, Volcanica "deployed" some sort of a "barrier" all across the Kingdom's lands. This barrier–for lack of a better term–acts like a magical warning system, which alerts the Divine Dragon, every time the covenant requires him to act, allowing Volcanica to assist the Kingdom in accordance to the four centuries old covenant.


The land of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica, alongside the Holy Kingdom of Gusteko

Lugnica: Lugnica is the capital of the Kingdom of Lugnica.

  • Market Street: Situated in the Commercial District, it is the main thoroughfare that connects to all parts of the city and central commercial area in the capital. Notably, there is a board sign at the entrance for the official currency exchange rates for money.
  • Prison Tower (監獄塔): The Prison Tower is a tower adjacent to the royal castle and is used to imprison those who have committed serious crimes, such as murderers, rapists, and, after the events of the 6th arc, two Sin Archbishops–Wrath and Gluttony.
  • Healing Institute (王国治療院): A facility where excellent healers are gathered from all over the country. It is located in the Noble District of the capital.
  • Knights Garrison: It is the main headquarters of the Kingdom's Knights and where its elite, the Royal Guard, are stationed. The garrison itself is adjacent to the Royal Castle.
    • Training Ground: A circular shaped colosseum adjacent to the Royal Guard's Barracks, the Training Ground is, as the name implies, mainly used for training. Knights from different garrisons visit the structure daily, in order to hone their skill with the blade. The training ground has bore witness to many battles, such as the famous Silver Flower Dance of the Sword Saint and the Blue Lightning, where most of the knights got to see the might of the Dragon Sword Reid for the first time after years. It is also the location of Natsuki Subaru and Julius Juukulius' battle at the start of Arc 3.
Re Zero Light Novel Volume 16 1.jpg

Sketch of Priestella

Priestella (プリステラ Purisutera): Also known as the Water Gate City (水門都市 Suimon Toshi), Priestella is one of the five regional capitals of the Kingdom of Lugnica and is the closest to Kararagi with the Tigracy River separating them. It is a beautiful city and a famous tourist location that is built in the middle of a great lake, with waterways running through the city. The waterways divide the city into four parts called avenues, which are numbered clockwise from the main gate. It is also the birthplace of Hoshin of the Wilderness and has been long associated with merchants because of its proximity to Kararagi. Priestella is led by the Priestellan Council of Ten. During the events of Arc 5, the whole council was annihilated, except for Kiritaka Muse.

  • Tigracy River: A large river that runs along the border in Kararagi and it is located in the west part of Lugunica.
    • Tigracy Bridge (ティグラシー大橋): A stone bridge that sits over the Tigracy River on the Lugnican side, which leads to the front gates of Priestella.
  • Water Plumage Inn (水の羽衣亭 Mizu no Hagoromo-tei): A Kararagi style inn located in Priestella's first avenue.
  • City Hall: The City Hall is a tall building in the center of the city. It houses a large communication device used to broadcast all over the city.
  • The Great Temple (大神殿 Daishinden): A temple, located underneath Priestella, where the Witch of Pride's remains are said to have been kept for four centuries, following her demise. It can be accessed through a hidden door, located somewhere in the area under the canals. The Temple itself is guarded by a Guardian with a very grotesque appearance. Only the Priestellan Council of Ten know of the Temple's location.

Picoutatte (ピックタット, Pikkutatto):


Picoutatte is one of Kingdom's five regional capitals, located in the very south of the Kingdom, next to the Kingdom's border with the Empire. It is a beautiful merchant city separated into five different areas: north, south, east, west, and central. The rules and features are different in each area. The Suwen Trading Company is located in the west area. The city itself has a unique Arabian flair with both the architecture of the structures and the dress codes of the citizens greatly resembling that from the Arabian Peninsula, from Subaru's original world. The city itself is of great importance to the Kingdom, as it's the main trading hub with the neighbouring Empire.

Flanders (フランダース, Furandaasu): Flanders is one of Lugnica's five regional capitals located in the southeastern part of the country in the Hyclara Plateau. It is also known as the Earth Dragon Capital (地竜の都 Chiryuu no Miyako) due to being known as the place where Earth Dragons originated from. Volcanica is said to have become friends with Reid and Shaula here, in addition to the land being blessed by the dragon so that Earth Dragons would be born. It's famed for having what is known as a "dragon industry" since the city makes use of its Earth Dragons beyond transport labor, such as powering water wheels, opening and closing canals, or raising and lowering drawbridges. These innovations are only made possible due to the abundance of Earth Dragons there. The Astrea territory is located nearby.

    • Forest of the Elves (エルフの森): Forest of the Elves is a relatively large forest located west of Flanders.

Costuul (コスツール, Kosutuuru): A bustling Demi-Human town near the main residence of the Mathers Head family with a population that is close to 100,000. It is rumored that Costuul used to be a dragon pit. Costuul is regarded as one of the five regional capitals of Lugnica and is its most recent, having been boosted to that status due to its bustling industry using the Magicreation Tools.

Pappelt (パッペルト): A town in the south of Lugnica where Regin Suwen, Otto's younger brother, lives. This town is endangered by the Earth Spider's web.

Redonas Plateau (レドナス台地): A site of one of the first major battles of the Demi-Human War. It is also where Wilhelm van Astrea and Grimm Fauzen met for the first time.

  • Blacksnake Contamination Zone (黒蛇汚染地帯): Blacksnake Contamination Zone is a large area lying directly under the Redonas Plateau, more precisely, east of the mountain range.

Castour Field: The site of the second major battle during the Demi-Human War.

Aihiya Swamp (アイヒア湿地帯): A wetland that is located in the southern region of the country and borders the Vollachia Empire. It was a site of the largest battle of the Demi-Human War. The swamps were adjacent to the base of operations for the Demi-human alliance's leadership.

Shamrock Valley - EX2 Manga.jpg

Shamrock Valley (シャムロック渓谷): A valley southeast of Lugnica where the Sphinx's Testing Ground (スピンクスの実験場) is located. It's described to always be enshrouded by thick fog. The grounds cannot be entered without her od or something that contains it.

Hakchuri (ハクチュリ, Hakuchui): Hakchuri is the only small city within the Astrea territory and is where the Astrea Mansion is located. The Hyclara Plateaus lies between it and Flanders. Its main industries are agriculture, livestock, and Earth Dragons. Brown-haired people are more common in the area while blonde-haired people are more common near the capital.

  • Astrea Mansion (アストレア邸): The Astrea Mansion is a big mansion with flower beds in the garden that Wilhelm van Astrea liked. It lies north-west of Flanders.

Fleur (フルール, Fureeru): A small stopover town on the longer route to Roswaal's territory. Subaru met a drunk Otto here in one loop and hired him for a ride after staying the night there. It is mentioned that Fleur is Grimm Fauzen's home town. The town is situated north-east of the capital.

Hanumas (ハヌマス): A border village that sits on the entrance to the Mathers domain. It's located north-east of the capital.

Fourtour Plains: An area of wilderness in the Karsten lands where animals like the Ubuzu can be found.

Cramlin (クラムリン, Kuramurin): A town located southeast near the capital and near the Lifaus Highway, lying next to Mount Cordor. It has caves lying near the town, one of which was inhabited by a Sunamimizu.

  • Mount Cordor: A mountain that is also known as Nest of the Earthsnakes is near the town of Cramlin.

Mill Gray (ミルグレー): A city near the capital. It is located west of Fleur near the Lifaus Highway. The town is famous for its windmills.

Bonobo (ボノボ, Bonbo): A city near the capital. It is located between Mill Gray and Cramlin on the Lifaus Highway. The town is famous for its distilleries.

Lifaus Highway, capitalbound

Lifaus Highway: A vast thoroughfare nearby to where Flugel's Tree formerly stood. The tree was gargantuan enough that it could be seen for miles, though it was destroyed during the battle against the Hakugei.

Irlam Village (アーラム村): Irlam Village is a village located near Roswaal's Mansion with a population of around 300 people. The name of the village changes based on the surname of the current head. There is also a youth group created by young people in the village.

Elior Forest: A dense woodland forest currently owned by Roswaal where the Elves once lived. It is located in the northeastern part of Lugnica and north-east of Roswaal's old mansion. The village owned its own seal, which was guarded by the Elves. About 100 years ago, the forest was attacked by both Pandora and Regulus Corneas, which ended up causing the large area to be frozen over by Emilia.

Ganaks (ガナクス): A mining city located near Elior Forest northeast from it. The city lies at the foot of the Gina mountain range, and was considered one of the six great cities in Bond of Ice before the author changed the number of great cities to five. In addition to its prolific mining industry, Ganaks is famed for its entertainment district. At night, Ganaks' main street is illuminated by the lights of gorgeous crystal lamps. Away from the main street, Ganaks is home to a violent underworld.

The Lost Forest of Kremaldy (クレマルディ, Kuremarudi): Kremaldy is the name of the dense forest that surrounds the Sanctuary. It is nicknamed "The Lost Forest" due to the barrier that has prevented explorers from fully exploring its depths.

  • Sanctuary (聖域 Seiiki): The Sanctuary is a poor village located within Roswaal's territory that has been taken care of by the various Mathers over the years. The village itself is a group of buildings located in a clearing within the forest and only halves live there. It is surrounded by a short fence with an old stone gate at the entrance. Although Roswaal refers to it as the Sanctuary, the villagers refer to it as the Witch of Greed's Graveyard (強欲の魔女の墓場 Gōyoku no Majo no Hakaba). The place itself is situated east of Roswaal's old manor.
  • Sanctuary Barrier (聖域の結界 Seiiki no Kekkai): A barrier created by Echidna that prevents halves from going through it. Any halves that come close to it start to lose consciousness and feel as if their existence is being disturbed. Even if someone takes an unconscious half that has crossed the barrier, they will never awaken outside the barrier as their spirit is trapped within it. The barrier checks the blood of those that go near it and only affects those it clearly determines as halves. It also causes those who are not permitted to enter the Sanctuary to get lost.

Ladrima (ラドリマ, Radorima): A village in southwestern Lugnica that borders the Vollachia Empire in the southern part of the Barony of Barielle. It lies east of the Barielle mansion.

Agante (アガンテ, Agante): Agante is a bandit town in southwestern Lugnica near the Barony of Barielle.

Guineb (ギネブ, Ginebi): Guineb is an inconspicuous city in the mountains of southern Lugnica. The town is built around a magic ore mine, however, the mine is already depleted.

Abiate (アビエイト, Abieito): Abiate is a city in southern Lugnica. The McMahon manor is located a half day's journey from the city.


Mirula (ミルーラ Miruura): Mirula is the closest town to the Augria Sand Dunes. The town is described as a practically deserted town, considerably smaller than Lugnica's main cities. The town is located north from the Kingdom's largest forest, and just west of the Dunes.

The town experiences the "Sand Time" from the Augria Sand Dunes, to which its few residents shut themselves inside. It's stated that many travelers that challenge the Augria Sand Dunes pass through this town.

Gina Mountain Range (ギナ山脈): A mountain range where, according to legend, Volcanica once lived. It has become a magic ore mining source and permission is required from the kingdom to enter it. The mountain range lies in the northeast of Lugnica.

Coffleton (カッフルトン) A hamlet on the southernmost tip of the Barielle Territories. The hamlet is smaller than the Barielle estate. According to the census records, there are 88 residents. It’s located at the basin of the Tenrill river.

Augria Sand Dunes (アウグリア砂丘 Auguria Sakyuu): The Augria Sand Dunes is an area located in the far eastern part of the Kingdom of Lugnica. Due to its close proximity to the Witch's Shrine, the Augria Sand Dunes has a high concentration of witch miasma, making it an ideal place for Demon Beasts to live. Demon Beasts that live here are stronger and more aggressive than normal, though few actually live in the area.

  • Pleiades Watchtower (プレアデス監視塔 Pureadesu Kanshitou): The Pleiades Watchtower is a watchtower that is being overseen by Shaula. The tower has six layers and an underground floor. The respective names of each floor from one to six respectively are Maia, Electra, Taygeta, Alcyone, Celaeno, and Asterope. Merope is the name of the underground floor, or floor zero.
  • Evil Sealing Stone Shrine (封魔石の祠 Fuumaseki no Hokora): The Evil Sealing Stone Shrine is where Satella is currently sealed.



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