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Kuna Shudrak (クーナ・シュドラク) is a member of the Shudrak Clan located in the depths of the Buddheim Jungle, in the Empire of Vollachia. She debuted in Arc 7.

Not long after Subaru and Vincent's initial meeting at the start of Arc 7, Kuna was the one who first made contact with the former Emperor, and took him to the clan's village, at Vincent's own request.


Kuna is a beautiful, dark-skinned woman with a very slender but well-built stature. She has a stern look on her face as well as long, naturally black hair which she dyed bright green, accordingly to her clan's customs. Just like other members of the clan, Kuna usually travels around with a bow, though she rarely uses as she's not very skilled with it.


Kuna is shown to be rather hot tempered and rash, often even childish. She easily falls victim to provocations from her fellow clan members, especially to Holly's, who she shares the same day of birth. Furthermore, she's shown to be rather close with Holly, likely due to their shared date of birth. Having said that, Kuna does not act particularly fondly towards Holly, lashing out at her on numerous occasions and throwing a fit when being compared to her.


Excelled Tracking Skills: As Kuna fell behind her fellow clanswomen in the art of marksmanship, she more than made up for it with her tracking abilities. She's excellent in tracking prey and setting up traps for them to fall into.


  • Kuna shares the same birthday as Holly.