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Lamia Godwin (ラミア・ゴドウィン), who was also known as the Poison Princess (毒姫, Dokuhime) was one of the daughters of Drizen Vollachia who ended up participating in the Imperial Selection Ceremony.

Though not appearing or being mentioned in the main story, Lamia played a key role in Prisca Benedict's childhood. During the Imperial Selection Ceremony, she actively hunted down and killed her brothers and sisters, until she perished by the hand of Prisca, after she besieged the Abellux Castle and betrayed Prisca.


Lamia had red blonde hair, glossy drooping eyes, an alluringly shaped body with large breasts and spoke with a saccharine sounding tone.


Lamia was born as part of the Godwin Family, a family which held the rank of Counts in the Vollachia Empire. At the age of 9, Lamia turned the tide of an internal rebellion against the Godwin Family with her personal force, the Pruning Corps. As a result, she became the head of the family.

At the age of 16, Lamia took part in the Imperial Selection Ceremony. She perished at the hands of Prisca Benedict after her failed attempt to lay a siege on the Abellux Castle.


Equipment: Lamia made steady use of poison to kill her enemies. She was also able to use the Yang Sword Vollachia in combat after having been accepted by it at the start of the Emperor Selection Ceremony.

The Pruning Corps (剪定部隊 Sentei butai): Lamia commanded an elite force known as the Pruning Corps. The Corps, which were absolutely loyal to Lamia, were renown for their cruel and feral nature in battle. The Corps was single-handedly decimated by a young Cecilus Segmunt in a battle that later engraved the Blue Lightning's name into the history.