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Liliana Masquerade (リリアナ・マスカレード) is a bard who is currently associated with Kiritaka Muse.


Liliana is a petite, brown skinned girl with bright yellow hair tied in two tails and big round eyes of the same color. She is mentioned to have lively features and wears revealing clothes, an orange cape, and decorates her hair and body with ornaments that use nuts and animal bones.


Contrary to how she is when she performs, Liliana is shown to be an eccentric person that's constantly excited and her words and actions are mentioned to deviate from the norm. She is interested in famous people, possibly due to her work, and tends to follow new trends. Liliana mentioned herself to be light headed, and not being made for the mental work. However, she still believes that once she's singing, everyone should be enthusiastic about her, and put all their focus on Liliana.


Liliana was born in a family of poets. She, and her parents, were extremely poor, with them barely caring about her. She always dreamed of becoming a traveling bard with freedom and independence.

At the age of thirteen, she decided to run away from home. Her parents barely cared about her leaving, with her father saying that it would result into them having more food, and with her mother saying that they could get another kid. As she ran away, she could barely come by, and ended up falling sick after eating something not good. She eventually found her talent through her Divine Protection, and started performing, and that's when Kiritaka Muse noticed her.

Between Arc 2 and Arc 3, she visited the Roswaal's Mansion and played for the Emilia Camp.

During Arc 5, she resided at Priestella, even mentioning that it was a city that a bard would like. Eventually, she came in contact with Priscilla Barielle and reunited with Natsuki Subaru and the others. While in the park, Liliana was playing a song for her spectators, until Subaru suddenly storms off along with Beatrice, to which Emilia followed, leaving only Liliana and Priscilla in the park. While sharing a little conversation, Liliana continues singing, until Priscilla notices that something is wrong. The first city broadcast was made by Capella Emerada Lugnica, causing Liliana to feel anxious. Instead of running to the shelters like Liliana intended to do, she followed Priscilla to confront the Sin Archbishops.

After some rough circumstances, they finally arrive at the control tower where Sirius is. Being off-guard, Liliana was caught by the Authority of Wrath, losing control over herself. However, she snapped out of it thanks to Priscilla kissing her. As they start the battle against Sirius, the tower eventually collapses, causing all of them to fall of the tower. Luckily, Priscilla and Liliana survived the fall, and Sirius ended up captured.


Divine Protection (加護 Kago): Liliana has the Divine Protection of Telepathy (伝心の加護 Denshin no Kago), which enables her to tell other people her thoughts telepathically. While it's normally used to tell close friends certain thoughts, she can combine it with her singing to increase the strength and effect range.

Bard Domain (歌人領域): According to Liliana, the Bard Domain is a place where people's consciousness resides once they are caught within Liliana's singing effect. She used it during the battle against Sirius, to wake everyone up from the authority of Wrath. However, it's also stated that it is impossible to enter the Bard Domain if you have too many worries or are not concentrating, yet it appeared to be powerful enough to cleanse the authority of Wrath effect.

Equipment: Liliana performs using a musical instrument known as a lyulyre (リュリーレ). Its a cross between a guitar & a ukulele in appearance.


  • Liliana Masquerade is the first and only character so far with five chapters in her point of view, both the chapters and the narration.
  • Liliana has her own named chapter in both the web and Light Novels.
  • She is scheduled to make another appearance in the main story, though she likely won't be as active as she was in Arc 5.