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Louann Segmunt (ロウアン・セグムント) is a mercenary-for-hire from the fortified Imperial city of Guaral, located somewhere on the outskirts of Buddheim Jungle, which lies in the farthest eastern territory of the Empire. He made his debut in Volume 27.

Currently, Louann's appearances are scarce, as he has only physically appeared in one of Subaru's failed loops, where he immediately got his head caved in by Todd's battle axe. During the current events of the main story, however, Louann is alive and well, being situated somewhere in the city of Guaral.


Louann has blue eyes and blue hair and is a rather old and rugged looking individual, with a bit of facial hair covering his face. He dresses like a rōnin and wears a rather large hat and black cloak which is decorated with vertical stripes of gold colour. He also has a katana at his waist, which has a black scabbard and a light-purple rayskin.

Due to him being an alcoholic, Subaru has noted he stinks of booze.


Louann has been shown to be quite a drunkard, usually spending his time and money in different pubs, drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Likely do to all the alcohol he has drunk in his life, he's been shown to be able to hold his alcohol surprisingly well, as he stood up and was ready to fight despite having drank a fair bit of alcohol in the hours predating his incoming demise. As expected from a mercenary, Louann's main goal is money, and he's prepared to do nearly anything for an appropriate compensation.

He has also been noted to be rather rough but straight to the point.


A couple of months following the Imperial Selection Ceremony and the failed uprising of the Ginunhive Gladiators, Louann acted as the newly crowned 77th Emperor Vincent Vollachia's bodyguard. At the time, High Count Gaoran Peixit orchestrated an attack on the Crystal Palace, using the absence of the First-Class Generals and Lupghana's weakened defences to his advantage–however, to no avail. With his forces being swiftly defeated by a retaliating force led by then-Third-Class General Zikr Osman. The High Count was then killed by Louann, who deflected the Count's halberd strike aimed at the Emperor's chest, and diagonally slashed Gaoran and ending his life then and there.


Sword skills: Louann is very skilled with his katana, having been mentioned by the barista to be by far the strongest individual from the pub Subaru and Flop found him. Subaru also notes that Louann's sword technique is similar to that of a martial art style known as "iai", a real life Japanese-specific martial art that involves quickly drawing one's blade to attack and then immediately resheathing it right after.

Excellent Teaching Abilities: In The Land of the Wolves / Death unto the Weak, Mercy be None Zero Vincent side story, it was revealed that though his skill with the blade was top-class, he is also an extremely good tutor who is capable of producing beings with extreme skills with the blade[1].

Considerable Power: Roughly 7 years ago, Louann's sword skills and the ability to train unbelievably powerful individuals landed him a job by the newly-crowned 77th Emperor Vincent Vollachia, which had him act as his bodyguard for an unspecified period of time. Vincent also commented on Louann's sword skills, stating he'd easily be able to rise to fame purely through his skill with the blade[2].



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