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Lusbel Kallard (ルスベル・カラード) is a citizen of Priestella.


Lusbel is shown to be brave as he was willing to be Sirius' hostage in order to save his childhood friend Tina. His dream is to become an adventurer and have Tina stand at his side to support him.


Lusbel appears for the first time, as a hostage of Sirius, who uses him to make a macabre show, throwing him out of one of Pristella's churches, murdering him and using her authority Sirius uses Lusbel so that his death indirectly causes the death of several people including Chin and Subaru, in another Loop Subaru tries to save Lusbel by entering the church himself before Sirius could act but Sirius ends up killing them both, but in the fourth Loop thanks to the help of Beatrice and Emilia and the eventual interruption from Regulus, Lusbel is saved. At the end of the fifth arc he can be seen happily playing with Tina.