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Madelyn Eschart (マデリン・エッシャルト Maderin Essharuto), also known as the Flying Dragon Commander (飛竜将), is the 9th ranking Divine General of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia.

Madelyn was last seen near Guaral, commanding her army of Winged Dragons and preparing to attack the city on her superiors' orders.


Madelyn is a young girl with amber eyes and light blue hair, the tips of which are a darker and tied into two long braids. She has blue wings that sprout out of her back and two black horns that rise from her head. Additionally, a bright purple bow is wrapped around her left horn. She wears a bright blue dress with white-colored circles and is usually seen with her Flying Winged Blade, which is folded upon her back when sheathed.


Madelyn is childish, prideful, and quick to be emotional. She looks down on most people while expecting them to obey her orders. As a result of viewing herself as superior for being a Dragonkin, she expects to be both respected and feared, only seeming to show care to those who abide by her standards. When she is put in a situation where she doesn't get her way, Madelyn lashes out in frustration and sometimes lampoons herself for bringing shame to her tribe.


Little is known about her other than the fact that she became acquainted at some point in time with Balleroy Temeglyph and Berstetz Fondalfon, swearing revenge after the former's death. During a meeting that took place two to three months after Balleroy's death, Madelyn was suggested by Berstetz to inherit Balleroy's position as the 9th ranking Divine General despite not having any concrete accomplishments and being largely unknown to the other Divine Generals.

When Yoruna Mishigure began her uprising, Madelyn attempted to confront her but failed to give Yoruna any damage. After failing to achieve any results, Madeline later reiterated the message that Yoruna gave her to the other Divine Generals stating the conditions for ending the ongoing rebellion. After her performance and Kafma Irulux's resignation from the offer, the Emperor was given no other choice but to accept Berstetz's proposal and appoint her as the 9th ranking Divine General.


Dragon Command: As a Dragonkin, Madelyn has the ability to make emotional connections with dragons. However, she has only demonstrated use of this ability with Winged Dragons in order to give them commands, as seen when she commanded a dragon to bite Tanza.


  • Flying Winged Blade: A weapon with an appearance like that of a boomerang. It can create shockwaves in the air, though it is not known if it is the effect of the weapon itself or if it is due to Madelyn's physical strength.