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Magic (魔法 Mahō) is a paranormal power that alters mana passing through a being's gate into a form that has an effect on reality.


Magic is made up of six elements; Fire (火 Hi), Water (水 Mizu), Wind (風 Kaze), Earth (土 Tsuchi), Yin (陰 In), and Yang (陽 ). It is further classified into four categories; Fire element that covers temperature, Water element that covers life and healing, Wind element that functions outside of the bodies of living things, and Earth element that functions inside of the bodies of living things[1] Some incantations for each element are Goa for fire, Huma for water, Fura for wind, Dona for earth, Shamak for Yin, and Jiwald for Yang.

The strength of spells starts from the original incantation and increases by adding El, Ul, or Al (example: Goa, El Goa, Ul Goa, and Al Goa for fire).[2] Yin spells cover debuffs while Yang spells cover buffs. An ordinary person is considered to be well off if they are compatible with either fire, water, wind, or earth. Although incantations are generally used to cast spells, if the user is experienced enough they can cast them without saying anything.[3]

While most of the mages are capable of using one element, some people are able to use multiple elements and if the user is talented enough they can combine elements like Balleroy Temeglyph.

Generally, there are two types of primary casters in Re:Zero's world, Magic Users and Spirit Users which are largely differentiated by how they use mana to cast spells. The former draw on their internal mana through their gates while the latter uses the mana in the atmosphere with the aid of spirits to process spells directly.[4] Spirits can also act as pseudo gates for their contractors if they are lacking the means to use magic on their own.

Though not considered magic, normal people are also capable of utilising mana for their own benefits. One of such, are different warriors, knights, swordsmen and the like. By subconsciously using their own mana and letting it flow through their body, they imbue themselves with magic-like properties, such as enhanced speed, agility, reflexes, strength and healing. Naturally, these boosts aren't as strong as Yang Magic or Spirit-given boosts but are non the less capable of allowing someone like Wilhelm van Astrea to react to incoming blows with inhuman speed, delivering sword slashes with inhuman precision from awkward angles, jumping very high in the air and dashing at almost lightning-fast reflexes.



Name User Description Element Debut
Arch Elior
The user shoots wind slashes with a super high speed that can cut through wood, stone & flesh with ease. Wind Magic Volume 3
El Fura
Ram The user unleashes a blade of wind, travelling at maximum velocity. It was noted that the attack couldn't be physically countered. Wind Magic Volume 3
UI Fura
Ram The chant is described to rewrite the world around the user, transforming the air around them into blades of wind which are sent hurling towards the caster's enemies. The blades travel sporadically and without a set course, turning their target into minced meat. Wind Magic Volume 13
Al Fura
Ram The user unleashes an extremely devastating torrent of wind blades that destroy everything and everyone in its path. The unleashed wind blades are described as having the force of a gigantic dragon and the sharpness of a treasured sword. People who are hit with this spell immediately have their eardrums destroyed, their entire bodies slashed to pieces and at the end, not even a pool of blood is left of them. Wind Magic Rem and Ram Prequel
One Blow, One Hundred Felled
(百人一太刀 Hyakunin Hitotachi)
Crusch Karsten Crusch combines her Divine Protection of Wind Indication and Wind Magic to unleash a sword strike that enables her to cut anything within her range of vision with an invisible blade. The attack is sharp enough to slash through the Hakugei's thick hide, toppling the Demon Beast. Wind Magic
Divine Protection of Wind Indication
Volume 7
Otto Suwen
The user summons one earth wall from the ground. It is typically used for defence, but it can be applied for offense and evasive movement. Earth Magic Volume 5
El Dona
Otto Suwen
The user conjures a swarm of earth mana and pinpoints it at a target, usually channelled through a medium, which then causes the effected area to burst into spikes from the centre, expanding outwards. Earth Magic Arc 4 (Web Novel only)
UI Dona
Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti
Otto Suwen
The user lifts thick walls of earth around themselves self in a shape of a dome. The walls are thick and strong enough to provide basic cover, however, any stronger explosive attack will destroy the walls. Earth Magic Volume 5
Al Dona
Otto Suwen The user summons forth an extremely devastating explosion of sediment flying towards its targets with speeds almost impossible to evade. The force of the attack is enough to pulverise large rocks and trees. If caught in the attack, one barely has any chances of escaping with their life. Earth Magic Volume 13
Arch Elior
Lye Batenkaitos
The user creates a shining water barrier that blocks other projectiles and sorts of magic. However, if the incoming magic is stronger than the shield it will get through it and cause damage to the user. Water Magic or Fire Magic Volume 5
El Huma
Lye Batenkaitos
The user forms and shoots multitudes of ice spears from their hands which easily pierces through and crushes flesh that vanish a moment afterwards. Water Magic or Fire Magic Volume 5
UI Huma
The user summons massive ice pillars from the ground that crash into their target. Water Magic or Fire Magic Volume 17
Al Huma
The user creates a sharp ten meter long spear of ice. Water Magic or Fire Magic Volume 7
Roswaal L Mathers
Leip Barielle
The user manifests a blaze of fire to incinerate their foes. Fire Magic Volume 12
UI Goa
Roswaal L Mathers The user fires a large amount of powerful fire bullets. A powerful flame scatters when the bullets land. Fire Magic Volume 3
Al Goa
Roswaal L Mathers The user lets loose a massive fireball, scorching away everything in its path. The bigger the caster's skill, the fireball hotter and bigger the fireball. Fire Magic Volume 4
Natsuki Subaru
The target becomes unable to sense where they are, however they can still feel the ground and sense what's happening to their body. Yin Magic Volume 3
El Shamak
Beatrice The target becomes unable to control their bodies while under its effects. Yin Magic Arc 6 (Web Novel only)
UI Shamak
Beatrice UI Shamak covers the area in darkness like Shamak except the opponent can't tell anything while under its effect, such as where they are sitting or standing. Those affected by it can be snapped out of its effects. Yin Magic Volume 25
Al Shamak
Beatrice Al Shamak is capable of sending its target to a different dimension. It is borderline impossible for a living being to come back from the dimension they were teleported to. Yin Magic Volume 15
Door Crossing
(扉渡り Tobirawatari)
Beatrice Beatrice can connect the door of the library to any door she wishes to, as long as she's been to that designated location. She can also use a limited version of Door Crossing to teleport things or people. Yin Magic Volume 2
In and Nes A high level magic that enables people to share senses within the effect area by connecting their gates. It is considered to be difficult to use, however In and Nes can use it by pairing Yin and Yang Magic together and tuning the interference of mana between people. If it is too weak the thoughts won't get through, yet if it's too strong people won't know where the line between them and other people begin. Combination of Yin and Yang Magic Volume 8
Restoration Magic
(復元魔法 Fukugen Mahou)
Darts A type of Yang magic that can recover objects to their original state. It's mainly used by specialists who have the innate affinity for Yang so not that many people can use it. Yang Magic Volume 17 (mentioned)
Duplication Magic
(複製魔法 Fukusei Mahou)
Unnamed Magic that can copy one thing into two. Not that many people can use it. If used on a living thing, it can only copy its skin, but if it's used on something like food it's thought to be able to copy it without any problems. However, both the original and the copy degrade slightly after use. Normally Earth Magic but can change based on original item Unspecified
Natsuki Subaru
Magic that creates stakes made of crystallized mana covered with light purple flames. They are strong enough to penetrate defenses. Any stakes in the air explode and release smaller stakes that fly in all directions which then rips targets apart. Yin Magic Volume 12
El Minya
Beatrice The spell works exactly the same as normal Minya, only changing the amount of stakes shot to 40. Yin Magic Volume 15
UI Minya
Beatrice The user creates a purple ring of light around the target that shrinks and binds the target, subsequently spreading across their body. Once the target is bound, a huge purple blue light appears above the target to destroy them. The effect is currently unknown as Beatrice's attempt was stopped partway through. Yin Magic Volume 20
Echidna (Artificial Spirit)
User fires heat rays from their fingers. Yang Magic Ex Volume 2
El Jiwald
Echidna (Artificial Spirit) The user fires several rays from their fingers which are then brought down in a claw-like motion. Yang Magic Volume 23
Al Jiwald
Sphinx Al Jiwald is the ultimate form of Jiwald. The user fires a destructive ray of heat from their palm that annihilates everything in its path and is extremely hard to block or counter. Yang Magic Ex Volume 2
Beatrice The user reduces the effects of gravity. Just by lightly pushing yourself off the ground, a person can jump as if they had springs. If the user wishes to, it can also be used to fly, although the user will get blown around by the wind like a leaf, but they won't flip around in mid-air. Yin Magic Volume 15
Beatrice The user casts this spell to amplify the effects of gravity, making an object heavier. Yin Magic Volume 25
El Vita
Beatrice El Vita presumably works the same as Vita and only grants extra mass to the object of casting, greatly amplifying its weight. Yin Magic Volume 25
Healing Magic
Garfiel Tinsel
Biehn Argyle
Galic Fabless
The user summons water mana to heal the wounds of themselves and other, however, Healing Magic only affects physical damage. The spell's power varies by the skill and talent of the individual or partially that of spirit if the caster is using the spell through Spirit Arts. According to Roswaal L Mathers, if an individual has no regard for human life, they're unable to cast Healing Magic as it's a "gentle spell". Water Magic Volume 2
Flying Magic
(飛行魔法 Hikou Mahou)
Roswaal L Mathers
This spell allows the user to float or fly in the sky. Combination of Wind, Fire & Earth Magic Volume 3
Sacrament of the Immortal King
(不死王の秘蹟 Fushiou no Hiseki)
Biehn Argyle
This ancient and incredibly powerful magic spell can supposedly allow the user to reanimate corpses of the dead and make them do their bidding, though the full spell has been lost to history and it is currently impossible to replicate the full effects of it – the only incomplete incantation of it was passed down through generations of House Argyle, with the book describing it having burned to ash alongside with the Argyle mansion roughly a year before Subaru's arrival to the new world. The effect of the magic depends on the skill of the user as Biehn was only able to resurrect people as zombies, while Ferris was able to reanimate his mother's corpse though only for a very short duration before she crumbled to dust. According to the legends, the spell was created by an unnamed Witch, however, it has been long lost to time, making it borderline impossible to cast it in its entirety. Furthermore, the spell does not return the corpse's soul back to it's body, meaning not even the Sacrament of the Immortal King can successfuly revive a person just the way they were before their death. Water Magic Ex Volume 1
Ice Brand Arts
Lye Batenkaitos
This technique allows Emilia to instantly conjure ice-made weapons which she can use and freely manipulate in close-quarters combat. The weapons are very sturdy and even capable of withstanding heat based attacks without melting. Fire Magic Volume 17
Ice Brand Arts: Icicle Line
Emilia Emilia creates a limited area barrier made of ice particles around her opponent which she uses to attack in all directions by transforming the ice particles into weapons. Fire Magic Volume 22
Ice Brand Arts: Ice Soldiers
(アイスブランド・アーツ: 氷の兵隊)
Emilia Emilia can create soldiers who are completely made out of ice. These soldiers are exactly the same as actual humans and are clad in armour made of ice while wielding weapons made of ice. They follow every order given to them by Emilia. The soldiers' strength depends from the mana density; the more mana Emilia uses the stronger the soldiers will be. The technique was developed by her and Subaru some time after the events of the 4th arc hence, the soldiers take Subaru's appearance. Currently, Emilia is able to create up to seven proper Ice Soldiers and no less than ten soldiers with only their torsos, heads and arms. When destroyed, these soldiers can regenerate back to their full health as long as Emilia has the strength to do so. Fire Magic Volume 25
Ice Flower
Emilia Emilia creates flowers made of ice on wounds of living beings within a certain area that suck the host's life force and bloom by sucking the host's blood. Seven years ago, Emilia couldn't control the effect area and stop it properly until Puck taught her how to do it correctly. Fire Magic Bond of Ice
Natsuki Subaru & Emilia A large scale combined elemental spell by Subaru & Emilia which used Yin/Shadow & Fire Mana to create an icy prison that trapped the Great Rabbit. Yin Magic & Fire Magic Volume 15
Absolute Zero
Emilia The user creates a vacuum in an area, by freezing the atmosphere to an absurd degree. By doing so, even time will freeze inside of that vacuum and no one is capable of escaping it unharmed. The ability is noted to be Emilia's absolute trump card and is by far her most powerful ability in her arsenal. Unknown (presumably Fire Magic) Volume 25
E・M・M Natsuki Subaru and Beatrice E・M・M is an "absolute defense magic". Beatrice uses Yin Magic to interfere with the time and space around Subaru, and while he can't move during activation, he experiences no interference from outside the barrier. It is similar to Regulus Corneas' Lion's Heart but doesn't have the same risk, forces Beatrice and Subaru to stand still and can be used until mana runs out. Yin Magic Volume 17
E・M・T Natsuki Subaru and Beatrice E・M・T is an "absolute negation magic". A spherical field several ten meters long with Subaru and Beatrice at the centre is created which negates effects from mana within it. Julius remarks that it is useful against mages and those who use mana to assist their techniques. However, the magic only negates the use of mana, and so it has no effect against opponents who specialise in physical fighting. Yin Magic Volume 21
Weather Changing Magic Roswaal L Mathers Weather Changing Magic (Altemillion (アルテミリオン) in the Web Novel) is a spell that allows the caster to freely change the weather with the usage of mana. The spell itself is extremely complex and requires a great deal of concentration and preparation. Roswaal L Mathers was forced to use a catalyst in form of a extremely high quality pyroxene crystal in order to cast it properly, during the events of Arc 4. Fire, Wind & Water Magic Volume 11
Priscilla Barielle The user produces pale coloured light around the target that envelops them in a veil of golden light. The veil presumably allows the target to carry things with ease. This magic was cut from the Light Novel. Yang Magic Arc 3 (Web Novel only)
Al Clarista
Julius Juukulius Julius imbues his sword with sixfold magic, cladding the blade in a rainbow hue. When it this state, his sword is capable of cutting through pretty much everything. When Julius pierces his opponent, he scorches away his very soul, delivering a fatal wound. All Six Elements Volume 9
Al Clauzeria
Julius Juukulius Julius' spirits from a circle around the the tip of his sword which envelopes the surrounding with a pure white light that unleashes a blow that aims to pierce an opponent. When making contact with a solid surface, the light expands in a circular shape, creating an expanding rainbow dome that scorches away everything in its path. All Six Elements Volume 9
Al Cranvel
Julius Juukulius Julius calls upon the power of his newly-bloomed Spirits and clads himself in their sixfold power, greatly increasing his speed and overall power while also appearing as if his entire body has been swallowed by a rainbow. This skill is noted to be Julius' ultimate technique. All Six Elements Volume 25
Fell Goa Julius Juukulius Julius calls on La to produce a powerful magical firestorm, combining both Fire and Wind Magic. Fire and Wind Magic Volume 17
Al Shario
Echidna The user topples the very stars from the sky, sending them hurling towards her enemies, causing unimaginable devastation. The projectiles are mentioned to be nigh impossible to evade. Unknown Re:Zero Prequel: Loving the Days Gone By
Twofold Magic Unknown The user casts two spells at the same time, using two different body parts as mediums. This type of magic casting is absurdly hard to pull off as it would require the caster to literally have different brains, visualising, concentrating and casting two different spells at the same time. When successfully pulled off, the caster can send forth two spells at the same time. Currently, no such examples exist in the written story of Re:Zero. Unknown Unspecified
Threefold Magic Roswaal L Mathers The user simultaneously casts three different spells, each through a different part of their body. While the effects may vary depending on the three spells casted, Roswaal's only example of threefold magic resulted in three fireballs of different colours to burst forth and chase their target until they connect. The fireballs were red, blue and green respectively; the red flame absorbed incoming attacks and amplified its volume, the blue flame dispersed the incoming blades of wind and the green flame transformed into a fiery snake relentlesly slithering towards its opponent. Threefold Magic is stated to be verging on the realm of god-like abilities, as casting more than one spell would require the user to have more than one brain–Threefold Magic would literally require the person to have three brains. Unknown Volume 15
Fourfold Magic Roswaal L Mathers Fourfold Magic is follows the exact same principle as Threefold Magic, but with an additional fireball. Unknown Volume 15
Fivefold Magic Roswaal L Mathers The user is able to cast five different spells at the same time. Fivefold Magic follows a similar principle as the aforementioned Twofold, Threefold and Fourfold Magic spells. During Arc 4's climax, Roswaal used this spell to simultaneously scorch his target with intense fire, slice it apart with destructive wind blades and pulverise it, in seconds. Unknown Volume 15
Sixfold Magic Roswaal L Mathers Sixfold Magic is Roswaal L Mathers' trump card and the most powerful and destructive spell in his arsenal he developed throughout his 400 years-long life. Currently, no examples of him using Sixfold Magic can be found, however, he did use it during his half-a-day-long battle with Puck, roughly a month before the events of Arc 1. Unknown Re:Zero Prequel: Bond of Ice
Soul Transference Roswaal L Mathers The user can transfer their soul into a vessle by "pushing out" the body's original soul. By doing so, the user can in theory achieve immortality. The spell was originally devised by the Witch of Greed. Normally, in order for the spell to work, one must transfer their soul into a body that's related to the user by blood, however, Echidna found a way to somewhat bypass that obstacle. Unknown Volume 15
Rewriting Magic Roswaal L Mathers The user can rewrite the spell's composition and disassemble the spell into mana, absorbing it through their own gate. The only condition to successfully pull off Rewriting Magic is making physical contact with the spell itself. Unknown Volume 15
Magic Circle Sphinx A type of geometric magic algorithm used to perform complex spells and rituals that can be drawn on the earth or a living being. These can produce great kinds of effects such as large-scale magic that completely alters the state of a battlefield, imbuing an individual with extreme power, or even temporarily cutting off Divine Protections. However "Magic Circles" drawn on the ground once found can have their spells be disputed and the range of the effects of the magic only extent as far the circle's physical range so hiding them until activate is necessary. Since this is ancient magic very few people know about it and even fewer are capable of using it. Magic Circles were deployed frequently by demi-humans during the civil war. Unknown Ex Volume 2


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