Crusch KarstenEdit

He is on good terms with his daughter but the 2 would often have discussions from time to time as Meckart would like for Crusch to be more feminine and less agressive and strict on her decisions. Once he had even fainted when he saw that Crusch had agreed to duel Fourier during an argument of theirs and was forced to see Crusch brutally injuring the prince since she doesn't know how to hold back.


Meckart recognizes that Felix is a necessary companion for Crusch as Felix is one of the few people Crusch can just be her natural self around, without Felix knowledge he had gone as far as mentioning he is a sort of step-son to him.

Fourier LugnicaEdit

He was on good terms with the prince, he was also aware that the prince had feelings for Crusch, as a father in his heart he feared that he would be the one to take his daughter away from him and at the same time, he also wished for their happiness, dreaming about a time were those two could potentially rule.

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