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Medium O'Connell (ミディアム・オコーネル) is the sister of Flop O'Connell. She made her debut in Arc 7.

Currently, Medium is accompanying Subaru, Vincent Abellux, Louis Arneb, Al, and Taritta to the Demon City of Chaosflame, in order to try and prevent 7th ranking Divine General Yoruna Mishigure from joining their enemy's camp and act against Vincent. Following the group's initial encounter with Yoruna and members of the enemy camp, Medium's body mysteriously regressed to that of a roughly twelve year old girl, similarly to Al and Subaru.


Medium is a tall woman with long cream blonde hair, which is the same colour as her brother, she wears her hair in a unique style. She is also described to be taller than her brother. She wears clothes that reveal her shoulders and legs, and carries two swords on her waist.


Medium cares deeply about her brother, and even acts as an escort for him while he is off on business. Upon meeting Subaru, Rem, and Louis, she tries to become acquainted with them, and stays behind to talk to Rem and Louis while Flop and Subaru walk through town. When faced with a sudden life threatening event she is quick to her feet to protect Flop and the others, even willing to go as far as decapitating someone if necessary.


Though not much is known about Medium's past, it was revealed that she and her brother Flop grew up in an orphanage from a small town called Averyk, where they were routinely beaten by adults. Due to the constant unjust treatment they've received as children, Flop and Medium have vowed to take revenge on the world.


Equipment: Medium carries two swords on her waist which she uses to fight with, and is talented enough with them to delay the Imperial Army long enough for Flop and Subaru to escape.