Melakuera (メラクェラ) was the Great Spirit of Fire until it lost its position to Puck following its defeat to him seven years prior to the beginning of the story.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Melakuera didn't have a true corporeal body, but it had the ability to possess bodies and split his form. In its unadorned form, Melakuera appeared as a red clump of heat and energy. But, when it manifested itself into a familiar form, Melakuera took the form of a winged horse completely covered by crimson flames. All of Melakuera's bodies appeared as fiery horses, even when one of its bodies had possessed Chap. Melakuera ended up turning him into half a manifestation of a man garbed in flames, half a fiery horse. 

Personality[edit | edit source]

Influenced by their friend's constant prayers of peace and tranquility, Melakuera became an Arbitrator for the world. As an arbitrator, Melakuera carried out the convictions from its judgments with all of its might. Melakuera had no tolerance for Emilia, having deemed her as dangerous to the balance of the world due to her being a half-elf.

Melakuera speaks in a very robotic, matter of fact manner, favouring the archaic pronouns thou (汝 nanji) and mineself (我 ware). His voice reflects his role as an arbitrator of the world.

History[edit | edit source]

Born from a bonfire, Melakuera originally was a fire element Minute Spirit that borrowed the name of its friend who it stayed with for their whole life. It was influenced by his constant prayers for peace and tranquility, leading it to become an arbitrator across the world.

Hundreds and hundreds of years later, seven years before the story, Melakuera sent some of its eyes into Elior Forest to scout the forest in search of Emilia, but they were always defeated by Puck. Eventually, after sensing immense magical power coming from the forest, Melakuera decided to make its appearance there. Puck and Melakuera fought at Elior Forest, ending in Puck's victory.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Melakuera Cloning.jpeg

Great Spirit: As the Great Spirit presiding over Fire Mana, Melakuera is able to use a great quantity of mana in its fire attacks. Melakuera is able to launch scorching fireballs that reduce everything in their path to ashes. In addition to that, Melakuera is able to use its wings of fire to launch massive heatwaves that affects a large area, turning everything within the area into scorched remains. 

Cloning: Melakuera is able to create clones with varying power levels that are able to act independently. A total of seven including the original have been mentioned and it uses these to be able to arbitrate across the world.

Possession: By forming a contract with someone, Melakuera is able to take control of their body.

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