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Melakuera (メラクェラ) was the Great Spirit of Fire until it lost its position to Puck, following its defeat against the Beast of the End, seven years prior to the beginning of the story.


Melakuera didn't have a true corporeal body, but it had the ability to possess bodies and split his form. In its unadorned form, Melakuera appeared as a red clump of heat and energy. But, when it manifested itself into a familiar form, Melakuera took the form of a winged horse completely covered by crimson flames. All of Melakuera's bodies appeared as fiery horses, even when one of its bodies had possessed Chap. Melakuera ended up turning him into half a manifestation of a man garbed in flames, half a fiery horse.


Mediator Melakuera cared about nothing more than maintaining peace and order. He cared greatly about the ancient rules he adhered to, as he refused to break them even if they were an inconvenience to him. He neglected to intervene in the sacred contracting between Emilia and Puck despite the problems he likely knew it would cause him. He was willing to go to any lengths in order to protect the world from darkness, even if it meant sacrificing the lives of innocents to do so. Melakuera seemed to only care about inflicting his brand of justice when the world was in danger, as he cared little for minor injustices committed by petty criminals. He was even willing to work with criminals to further his goals, such as when he formed a contract with the bandit Chap.

He felt no remorse towards the victims he deemed as necessary losses, and would not hesitate to execute those who stood in the way of his warped sense of justice. During his pursuit of the half-elf Emilia, Melakuera mercilessly executed the lesser spirits that came to her defence and released the venom of the Black Serpent knowing it would wreak havoc upon the entire forest and the innocent people that populated it. The Great Spirit of Fire spoke in a very robotic manner. Melakuera speaks in a very robotic, matter of fact manner, favouring the archaic pronouns thou (汝 nanji) and mineself (我 ware). His voice reflects his role as an arbitrator of the world. he not wasting any time on connectives or other basic sentence structuring.

Despite his long life, the Melakuera still suffered from the same blind paranoia that afflicted lesser beings. For instance, he, like the common folk of the world, showed abject fear and revulsion to silver-haired half-elves as he believed they were descendants of the infamous Witch of Envy who destroyed half of the world centuries ago. So firm was his disgust towards silver-haired half-elves that he actively sought them out wherever they appeared and destroyed them under the delusion that he was keeping the world safe from the legacy of the Witch. Even if the half-elf was nothing more than an innocent crying child, Melakuera would show no mercy, such was the case when he tried to kill Emilia.


Melakuera, like all of his kind, one day materialized into existence as a lesser spirit whose elemental attribute was fire. Eventually, he grew to be one of the four most powerful spirits in the world that were collectively known as the Four Great Spirits. Each of the Great Spirits represented one of the four primary elemental attributes. Melakuera, as the bearer of fire, became known as the "Great Spirit of Fire."

Many years after Melakuera's birth, the Witch of Envy Satella used her terrible power to decimate half of the entire world. Although she was defeated and imprisoned by heroes, Satella's dark deeds ensured that her name was never forgotten. Half-elves, particularly female ones with silver hair and bluish purple eyes, faced prejudice because the Witch of Envy purportedly fit that description. Many beings, including Melakuera, believed that silver elves were descendants of the Witch and should therefore be destroyed in case they followed in her footsteps.

At some point, the Great Spirit of Fire clashed with another spirit whose might rivalled that of the Four Great Spirits. This beast-like spirit used fire Magic to generate and manipulate ice in stark contrast to Melakuera who summoned actual flames. Their fearsome battle torched an entire city and became well known across the world as an example of what the Four Great Spirits were capable of. The beast-like spirit escaped the Melakuera's wrath and later became known as the "Beast of the End" for his capability to rival the Four Great Spirits.

Hundreds and hundreds of years later, seven years before the story, Melakuera sent some of its eyes into Elior Forest to scout the forest in search of Emilia, but they were always defeated by Puck. Eventually, after sensing immense magical power coming from the forest, Melakuera decided to make its appearance there. Puck and Melakuera fought at Elior Forest, ending in Puck's victory.


Great Spirit: As the Great Spirit presiding over Fire Mana, Melakuera was able to use a great quantity of mana in its fire attacks. Melakuera was able to launch scorching fireballs that reduced everything in their path to ashes. In addition to that, Melakuera was able to use its wings of fire to launch massive heatwaves that affected a large area, turning everything within the area into scorched remains.

Melakuera uses Wings of Flame against Puck.

Wings of Flame: A technique in which Melakuera’s flaming body produced wings so hot they warp the atmosphere behind him. Melakuera dashed forward as he produced waves of heat that vaporizes the environment around him. This attack was stated to be capable of burning away the soul itself.

Melakuera using Cloning against Emilia.

Cloning: Melakuera was able to create clones with varying power levels that were able to act independently. Each of his bodies is on par with Puck. He can further increase his power but to an unknown extent, and a total of seven including the original have been mentioned and it used these to be able to arbitrate across the world. But ultimately, he was defeated by Beast of the End Puck.

Possession: By forming a contract with someone, Melakuera was able to take control of their body.

Intelligence: Melakuera was cunning, he deceived others in order to trick the barrier Puck set up over Elior Forest. He also intentionally released Kurohebi’s poison into the forest in order to see if Emilia would use her power.