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Melinda (メリンダ) was Stride's wife.


Melinda is a member of the Evil Eye Tribe and has long, wavy gray hair. She wears a robe of the same color as her hair that covers her entire body. She's described to keep her eyes tightly shut, but when she does open them, they are completely dyed in pitch black darkness, including the sclera. 


Melinda has a self-hatred for her Evil Eye ability and calls her own blood "cursed". She often spoke with a stutter and was quite mellow. However, she was very quick to become angry when people went against her ideals and placed innocent and unborn babies in danger. She's shown to go out of her way and put her life at stake just to protect someone's unborn child.


Melinda survived the Empire's attack on the Evil Eye Tribe which wiped out almost all of her brethren some time before she met Stride, and married him some time later as a result.


Evil Eye (魔眼 Magan): As a member of the Evil Eye Tribe, Melinda has the ability to see invisible things and interfere with the minds of others with her eyes. She used this ability on Wilhelm so that he would see illusions of Pivot and on Theresia so that she would see the illusions of her sin. She also used this ability to control the citizens of Picoutatte and identify people with Divine Protections.