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  • Hi, I've a a larger version of the background here. It's within the file size limit so I'm pretty sure it will work, can you please try it out?

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    • You might wanna show it to Angelo, also the wiki background doesn't allow huge formats, so I believe that Angelo used that one and tuned it down.

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    • I've already showed it to Angelo and Vizard6991 but for whatever reason they didn't respond to my message. The the file size of the image is 290kb which is within the the 300kb limit. I have also tested the background on a test wiki to make sure it works. Since I have gone through the trouble of making this background (resizing it, compressing the file size, and testing it) so if for some reason my proposal is rejected at least I want to know why.

      Gracedharperd I would appreciate your help if you can contact any of the active admins of this wikis and hope they can respond to my request.

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  • Edit: Removed descriptions to save space

    I'll just point out the things I could 'translate' or atleast translate from kanji to kinda english.

    • Aviate/Aviath
    • Rename = Cragrel into Cragrel Dawson.
    • Roswaal K Mathers
    • Colin Lavril / Collin Lavril
    • Ahim Lavril
    • Malonne
    • ilia / ilya
    • Kalifa
    • Black Silver Coin
    • Dorotero Amule / Doretero Amure
    • Safires (サーフィス)
    • Jacob Suwen
    • Flanders/Flandas
    • Suwen Firm (Suwen Shokai)
    • Hakuruchuri/Hakuchuri
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    • I'm leaving that alone too for the time being until Thugio can look at it. I'll be starting with the locations stuff first

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    • Well happy new year Angelo, Thugio and Vizard!

      Is Thugio still active on Wikia? Don't trying to be rude or anyting just asking.

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  • I have a theory and I have already share it with many and I need to see your opinion about it too

    my theor is ...

    what Rem's purpose from being Subaru's second wife after she get rejected?

    I mean i have watched and heard many rejecting and non of them respond of being a second wife (as far as I know)

    Because it's not romantic at all if you share the hand of the guy with other girl and it's weird for a girl to say this after she got rejected too

    Subaru: I love Emilia

    Rem: I can be your second wife

    It's really weird respond 😕

    The polgamy is sharing the same bed with two girls..and I have heard about Rem and Emilia relationship aren't that good and it's weird to have this kind of relationship in the anime too with such a(( dark story))

    I think Rem has something to do and I really don't know what is it.

    (Is she trying to make Emilia feel jealous of her to become the witch of envy to use her for her vengeance ?)

    I think she will be so jealous and that's the idea of making the polgamy in my opinion because Emilia had alot of moments with Subaru in arc 4,5,6 and she is developing her feelings towards him so it's painful for her to see Subaru has a moment with Rem after she wakes up .. i don't think she will be happy about Subaru having some love for Rem it will really break her heart (i don't know the purpose if it's Rem purpose or not but im sure it has somthing to do of her jealousy because I don't think Teppi comes up with this idea to support the polgamy because it's clear that Rem will support her sister after she lost her horn and that's why I dont think she is that kind of woman who will leave a big responsibility to be between Subaru and Emilia and even Subaru's said "be the horn that your sister losted " so these two will be together again and it's weird to have a polygamy relationship in a dark anime (it will be the first time in the history ) That's why im sure Rem did this for purpose

    She is a demon so she is so smart

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  • Since we got offical artwork for Lewes Meyer, (thanks for the upload), should the art be used for all Lewes pages or just the Sphinx one? Any ideas?

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  • General related topics. **** Admin only to comment **** (new thread)

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    • Yeah. If the character art is the copy I don't see a problem with using it until art of the original Lewes/Omega is drawn. Hopefully they do draw character art for the original.

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    • Hey Thugio, if you have time could you come help over on the Konosuba Wiki? Vizard and I are remaking the entire wiki and we could definitely use some help. Of course, I'm not forcing you, you are helping me on 3 wikis already, so if you're busy then you don't need to help

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  • General related topics.  **** Admin only to comment ****

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    Angelo Gabrini
    Angelo Gabrini closed this thread because:
    Too long, new thread created
    18:15, July 10, 2016
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    • Really I ddn't even know that their was a spanish wikia for Re: Zero. Then again the anime is popular so sure there would be other wikia in other laguages. Are they plagiarizing your summaries as well?

      You can close this thread after you reply since i made a new one

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    • Thugio1 wrote: Are they plagiarizing your summaries as well?

      They don't have summaries right now (I don't know if they ever will), but they've copied stuff like how pages and category names, some designs, etc

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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the Re:Zero Wiki community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to File:Natsuki Subaru - Dainishou Manga 1.png!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at Re:Zero Wiki!

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