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Miklotov McMahon (マイクロトフ・マクマホン) is the representative of the Sage Council who are currently ruling over the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica. Many considered Miklotov to be the true brains of the Kingdom, who, in the event that the royal family were to disappear, would be a suitable replacement ruler.


Miklotov has long white hair and a long white beard that drops down almost to the ground. The glimmer in his eyes has been compared to the sharpness of a blade. He is short and wears the robes of a member of the Sage Council.

Roughly 40 years before the events of the main story, Miklotov had brown hair and was a gentle-looking man with mischievous yet intellectual-looking eyes and a warm presence.


Miklotov is highly intelligent as he was able to understand Roswaal's true intentions in showing Puck to everyone during the Royal Selection discussion even though the other members of the Sage Council didn't.[1] He is also a believer in the qualities of the Lion King,[2] having asked Fourier's teacher to check if he had the qualities of one, though the teacher failed to notice Fourier's potential[3].


Ex2, Ex3 and Sword Demon Battle Ballad[]

During the events of the Demi-Human War, Miklotov played a vital role, greatly helping out the Royal Family as one of His Majesty's most trusted advisors. He went to great lengths in order to help his friends or people he respected. In the months following the end of the War, Stride Vollachia launched a series of terrorist attacks, targeting the city of Picoutatte, the Astrea manor as well as McMahon manor. Though Miklotov himself was fortunately away during the attack, several of his guards were killed in the process.


Not much is known about Miklotov's actions in the following four decades, though we do know that roughly 17 years before the events of the main story, Mikloto spent his days counselling Fourier Lugnica, the youngest Prince of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica. After the entire Royal Family perished, he, as well as other select members of the Sage Council took control of the Kingdom, assuming the highest authority in the nation.


Roughly 3-4 months before the events of the main story, Miklotov, alongside Bordeaux Zellgef went on a diplomatic mission to the neighbouring Holy Empire of Vollachia. They were accompanied by the Sword Saint, the Blue and the Finest of Knights. Following their failed negotiations with the Emperor of the Vollachia Empire, the diplomats were situated in one of the guest rooms, located in the Crystal Palace in Lupghana. After an alleged kidnapping of the Emperor, orchestrated by the three Royal Knights, both Miklotov and Bordeaux were held hostage in their room, not being permitted to venture outside. After the dispute has been settled, they signed a non-aggression pact between the Kingdom and the Empire, marking their mission as a success.


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