Miklotov McMahon (マイクロトフ・マクマホン) is the representative of the Sage Council.


Miklotov has long white hair and a mustache. The glimmer in his eyes can be likened to the sharpness of a blade. He is short and wears the robe of a member of the Sage Council.

Back when Wilhelm was young, Miklotov had brown hair and was a gentle looking man, though his gaze made him feel the pressure of carnage.


Miklotov is highly intelligent as he was able to understand Roswaal's true intentions in showing Puck to everyone during the royal election discussion even though the other members of the Sage Council didn't. He is also a believer in the qualities of the Lion King, having asked Fourier's teacher to check if he had the qualities of one, though he failed to notice his qualities.


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