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Miles (マイルズ) was a special operations member from the Sacred Empire of Vollachia. Though not appearing or being mentioned in the main story, Miles played a rather important antagonistic role in Ex1, manipulating Biehn Argyle in order to hopefully obtain the Sacrament of the Immortal King for the Empire. During Ex4, Miles' death at the hands of Reinhard van Astrea was the driving force for Balleroy Temeglyph's thirst for revenge on him.


Miles had a wrinkled, unattractive rat-like face, gray hair and jade colored eyes. He wore the standard uniform for a member of the Imperial Army. While he was disguised as a merchant, he wore a white cloak.


Miles was an unscrupulous and vile man delighted in tormenting those who he viewed as better than him. However, he had friendly relationships with those that he cared about, such as Balleroy Temegylph.


In the past, Miles and Balleroy were both servants of Serena Dracroy. Some 7 years before the main story, Serena sent the both of them to the Pendleton Estate in order to invite Jorah Pendleton and his wife Priscilla Barielle to the Gladiator Island Ginunhive. While they were there, the sword slaves attempted to spark a revolution that would render the island independent from the mainland, which later ended up failing thanks to the intervention of the Imperial army. Serena, Priscilla, Jorah, Balleroy, and Miles then went back to the Pendleton mansion after this incident.

Miles was an operative of the Vollachia Empire, a nation located to the south of the Kingdom of Lugnica. At some point, he was tasked with acquiring information on the "Sacrament of the Immortal King,"[1] an ancient spell that could potentially be used to revive the dead. To complete his mission, Miles posed as a merchant selling corpses to Biehn Argyle. Biehn was the head of the House of Argyle, the noble household who possessed a monopolization on information pertaining to the practice of the spell Miles sought.

Biehn sought to use the Sacrament of the Immortal King to revive his late wife, who he had killed in a fit of rage two years prior. Miles agreed to procure corpses for Argyle while secretly taking note of aspects of the spell. Ultimately, this plan was foiled when Crusch caught them in the act, forcing Miles and Biehn to kidnap her in the mansion's basement. Upon finding out about Crusch's kidnapping, the Royal Prince himself organised a raid on the Argyle mansion, led by himself, Ferris, and Jukius Juukulius. The attack would later result in the deaths of Biehn Argyle and his maid, Hannah Regret.

After Crusch killed his undead bodyguards and nearly took his life at the same time, Miles, who had personally faced the Duchess, was gravely wounded. He managed to fake his death and flee through a secret passageway to where his Winged Dragon was hidden. Lamenting the fact he was returning empty-handed, grabbing a book of information compiled on the Sacrament of the Immortal King, Miles made his way back to the nearby border with the Empire of Vollachia[2], hoping to turn over what little information he had acquired to his superiors, however, he thinking he was safe didn't last long, as he soon found Reinhard van Astrea standing behind him, on his Winged Dragon. When Miles refused to surrender and managed to throw the Sword Saint off, the knight took out both him and his dragon on the spot.


Dragon User: Miles was able to tame dragons and was skilled at it. He also taught Balleroy Temeglyph how to tame Winged Dragons.[3]


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