Miles (マイルズ) was a special operations member from the Vollachia Empire.


Miles had a wrinkled, unattractive ratlike face, gray hair and jade colored eyes. He wore a white cloak.


An unscrupulous and vile man. Delighted in tormenting those who he views are better than him.


Posing as a merchant, in reality, Miles was a Vollachian Spy who met Biehn Argyle seeking to use his obsession with the undead for his own plans. He plotted together to lure noble Crusch Karsten and Ferris so he could acquire them both along with Argyle's secret art to bring them back to Vollachia. However, this plan was foiled when Crusch had escaped from her cell, destroyed all his undead servants and nearly taking his life at the same time. He managed to fake his death and flee through a secret passageway to where his Winged Dragon was hidden. Lamenting the fact he was returning empty-handed, he flew to skies thinking he was safe only to find Reinhard van Astrea riding the wings of his dragon. Refusing to surrender, he was summarily killed by Reinhard.


Dragon User: Miles was able to tame dragons and was skilled at it. He taught how to use dragons to Balroy Temeglyph.


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