Minerva (ミネルヴァ) is the Witch of Wrath.


Minerva is described as a beautiful, petite girl, with gleaming blond hair worn in a side pony-tail that rubs against her face. Her eyes are vivid and of nearly transparent blue color. She dresses in a short skirt that prioritizes easy movement, with a white-based tunic that covers her torso. She has a short stature with big breasts and a big butt, which lent her a very appealing figure. She gives off a healthy sensual aura. She is often seen crying, especially if a person is in distress or in dire need of medical attention. 


Minerva doesn't like conflict as she always lamented it while healing people. She also only cares about what's in front of her, stating that she didn't care about what she can't see, such as the side effects of her ability, though she will immediately head off to address it once her current problem is dealt with as long as there are injured people. She is seen being prideful of her work. She often acts very hostile by punching people out of nowhere or scolding them for putting their "lives in danger", however her adorable way of doing so and the notion of helping, makes it impossible for people to get offended by her actions. She often mistakes her sadness for anger and/or wrath, using it as an excuse for crying. Her outbursts of anger are described as being very adorable. She hates the world for making people do despicable things and hurting other living beings.


In the past, people in the world around Minerva were constantly fighting, causing her to cry. Eventually, she realized that crying wouldn't solve anything and decided to train herself in order to gain enough power to be a deterrent to fighting, though that still didn't change anything. As she fought, she came to understand that she'd been crying out of rage and not sorrow, causing her to start punching people, resulting in their wounds being healed. From that moment on, she traveled the world to heal people wherever she found people in need.

Minerva also has some kind of history with Elves as she cared deeply about Emilia and the other elves.

It is claimed that over 400 years ago, someone used a larger group of elves as collateral damage in on order to get Minerva trapped, where she would go mad and subsequently die. Echidna later located and collected her soul, allowing Minerva to manifest in Echidna's castle of dreams, alongside the other Witches of Sin that had perished 400 years ago. 


Authority of Wrath (憤怒の権能 Fundo no Ken'nō): Minerva is able to use the Authority of Wrath.

  • Minerva is able to heal others by hitting them with any part of her body, though her ability has a side effect of a calamity occurring in a different part of the world every time she does so. It also seems to grant to her super strength and speed which leaves shockwaves in her wake.


  • According to the author, Minerva's birthday is July 20.
  • Minerva refers to the 93 Minerva, a large trinary main-belt asteroid. In Roman mythology, Minerva is the Goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy.
  • Due to her naive personality, Minerva is said to be extremely easy to fool.
  • Many nations sent troops after her, trying to capture and/or defeat her, but no one was able to successfully catch her.
  • With her Authority of Wrath, Minerva would be able to heal the wounds caused by Theresia's Divine Protection of the Reaper.


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