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The following is a list of minor characters from Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, arranged in a categorical order.

The Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica

Leno Rex

Leno Rex.png

Leno Rex (レノ・レックス) is the City Mayor of Costuul. He made his first appearance in Petra's Emilia Camp Struggle/Page3. He has a muscular face, with sharp eyebrows and short hair. He expresses a serious look most of the time, especially during serious gatherings like the Western Margrave Territory Meeting.

Grifas Aren

Grifas Aren.png

Grifas Aren (グリファス・アレン), also known as the Dairy King (酪農王), is a representative of a city in the Western Margrave Territory. He is fat, with quite the potbelly and is approaching old age. He has earrings, a saggy face, and clothes that represent an important status.

Gwain Merette

Gwain Merette.png

Gwain Merette (グウェイン・メレテー), sometimes known as The Faker (食わせ物), is a committee member of the Chamber of Commerce of the West Side of the Kingdom. He has long, light-brown hair. He has an unshaven face and is a man who does not care too much about his appearance. Thus, he can be mistaken for a woman, if he would shave his chin.

Torion Arus

Torion Arus.png

Torion Arus (トリオン・アルーズ) is a viscount in the Western margrave Territory, with him being the second in command, with Roswaal L Mathers being the first in command. He has short, messy hair, along with a little bit of facial hair. Befitting his role as a viscount, Torion wears clothing that represents his status. He is a little bit chubby and is easily amazed.

Cragrel Dawson

Cragrel Dawson (クラグレル・ドーソン) was the Demi Human Alliance Representative who signed the peace treaty with Gionis Lugnica to end the Demi Human War. Cragrel was a short Demi-Human who was described as a cross between a Lizard Human and a Frog Human with green scales, a yellow crest on his head and a long tongue. He was part of a sub-species that originated from the Lizard Humans. He died a few years after the war ended.

Hayden Garo

Hayden Garo (ヘイデン・ガロ) is a lion human who has half demi-human blood. He has dirty blond hair which he ties into a bun at the back, unkempt facial hair and a muscular physique. Additionally, he has a rugged atmosphere to him. 

Leonardo Baroness

Leonardo Baroness (リオナルド・バロネス) is a scrawny man with combed down gray hair, awfully pale skin, sunken cheeks and visible clavicles. He is particularly attached to trying to unravel the mysteries of blood.

Ahrim Lavril

Ahrim Lavril is the son of Colin Lavril.


Henehehe (ヘネヘヘ) is a citizen of the Kingdom of Lugnica.


Asta was a member of the White Dragon's Scale. Currently, both his name and memories are eaten by Lye Batenkaitos (Web Novel Character only).


Rookfelt was a member of the White Dragon's Scale. Currently, both his name and memories are eaten by Lye Batenkaitos (Web Novel Character only).

Hicks Hartmann

Hicks Hartmann (ヒックス・ハルトマン) was a member of the White Dragon's Scale. Currently, both his name and memories are eaten by Lye Batenkaitos.

Bennett Mossa

Bennett Mossa (ベネット・モッサ) was a member of the White Dragon's Scale. Currently, both his name and memories are eaten by Lye Batenkaitos.

Calshifs Finrell

Calshifs Finrell (カルシフス・フィンレル) was a member of the White Dragon's Scale. Currently, both his name and memories are eaten by Lye Batenkaitos.

August Burren

August Burren (アウグスト・バレン) was a member of the White Dragon's Scale. Currently, both his name and memories are eaten by Lye Batenkaitos.


Maloney is a maid who follows the orders of the Karsten family and is currently a member of the Crusch Camp.


A martial leader and one of the staff under the Karsten family. He was of Mekart’s retainers that Crusch inherited from her father after she took over as head. He's also a member of the Crusch Camp.


A Viscount in charge of Lugnica’s northern territories bordering Gusteko. He helped Fourier and Ferris sabotage the former's marriage interview with Tirena. However, he was in love with her himself and had known her for many years. It’s implied they married later.


Tirmi (ティルミ) is a citizen within the Astrea Territory.


Jonas (ヨナス) is a citizen within the Astrea Territory.


Lowell (ロウエル) is a citizen within the Astrea Territory.


Kokran (コクラン) is a citizen within the Astrea Territory.

Fareed Impusen

Fareed Impusen (ファリド・インプセン) is the fourth son of the Viscount Adnell Impusen, and a noble of the Kingdom of Lugnica. Fareed was the leader of the Golden Wing Faction until the organisation disbanded.

Adnell Impusen

Adnell Impusen (アドネル・インプセン) is a Viscount of the Kingdom of Lugnica and the head of the Impusen family.


Belmont (ベルモンド) was one of the members of the Brotherhood before he moved to work for Roswaal in Costuul along with the rest of the group. He was the one who temporarily stole Roswaal's golden feather ornament.


Leonardo (リオナルド) is a blood specialist operating in Costuul who was involved in a plot to kidnap Frederica due to her rare blood.

Maria Juukulius

Maria Juukulius was a commoner woman who married Klein Juukulius after the latter ran away from his aristocratic family. Together, they had a son who Klein named Julius Juukulius. Despite Klein's noble origin, they lived their lives as commoners until their untimely death in a flash flood with Julius being the sole survivor. He was later taken in by his uncle Alviero Juukulius.

Emilia's Unnamed Father

Over a century ago, an elven man married a human woman and together, they had a daughter who they named Emilia. Next to nothing is known about him apart from the fact that Fortuna is his sister. His appearance is unknown though it is said Emilia's appearance was largely inherited from him. It has been strongly implied from Fortuna's words that Pandora was responsible for the deaths of Emilia's parents.[1]

The Sacred Empire of Vollachia


Rommel (ロンメル Rommeru) was Priscilla's 20-year-old older brother. He was not chosen by the Yang Sword when he tried to grab it out of midair after the Emperor materialized it, and he was subsequently burnt alive by it.

Barthroy Fitts

Barthroy Fitts (バルトロイ・フィッツ Barutoroi Fittsu) was Priscilla's older brother. He didn't lay his hands on the Yang Sword during the Imperial Selection Ceremony and thus forfeited his qualifications to participate in the Emperor Selection. He was later murdered by Lamia Godwin. 

Palladio Manesque

Palladio Manesque (パラディオ・マネスク) was Prisca's older brother, and part of the Evil Eye Tribe, having by some means survived its purge 40 years ago. He was shown to be able to enter people's consciousnesses from far away and communicate telepathically to them. He also could track people so long as he possessed a part of their body like fingernails or hairs. It's as of yet unknown why members of the Evil Eye Tribe were involved in the Imperial Selection Ceremony. Palladio was killed by Prisca during the Emperor Selection Ceremony.

Katya Aurelie

Katya Aurelie (カチュア・オーレリー) is Jamal's sister and Todd's fiancée. She made her first appearance in the The Land of the Wolves / Death unto the Weak, Mercy be None 4 side story. Katya is a low-ranking noble that has been noted to have long dark-brown braided hair and is prone to illnesses from a very young age.

The Holy Kingdom of Gusteko

Mad Prince

The Mad Prince/Crazed Prince is a citizen of the Holy Kingdom of Gusteko. He, along with Vollachia's Blue Lightning and Kararagi's Admirer, is one of the only three people known throughout the world capable of somewhat matching the Sword Saint Reinhard van Astrea in terms of overall martial skill[2]. Having said that, next to nothing is known about his appearance, personality, and social rank.

Currently, the Mad Prince is locked up somewhere in Gusteko, due to killing 15 or 16 of his siblings. According to the author, however, the Mad Prince most likely will not be making an appearance in the main story, though nothing so far has been said about the side stories.


A girl that was being transferred by Victor Orcos by Dragon Carriage. She was found by Elsa Granhiert in Orcos Territory's Red Snow.

Gaddogi Guadozeaddo

Gaddogi Guadozeaddo (ガッドギー・グアッドゼアッド) is a great spirit. It is a rather powerful spirit, however, according to the author, it causes a lot of damage, hence it's sealed at the far end of Gusteko. The author has also confirmed it won't show up in Re: Zero's main story.

Pastor Coatl

Pastor Coatl (コアトル司祭, Koatoru Shisai), also known by his moniker "The Saint of the Avalanche" was a priest in charge of a church in a mountainous area of Gusteko. He was renown as a hero by the people around for his acts of heroism when an avalanche struck the nearby village. He spearheaded the rescue efforts, ultimately cost him one of his legs and earning him his title. The pastor was also an important member of the clergy of the Gustekan Sacred Teachings. He was found murdered in his church in the story: Witch's After Tea Party / One Wild Night. It was later revealed that he'd formerly been a member of the infamous band of Ice Thieves.


Maqueena (マクウィナ, Makuwina) is a travelling minstrel with short stature and reddish hair. Despite being a minstrel, she has absolutely no singing skills. In addition to this, she engaged in blackmail.


Podoso (ポドソ, Podoso) is a guard who works at the village nearby Pastor Coatl's church in the Gustekan mountains.


Admonsah (アドモンサ, Adomonsa) is a multi-arm clan demi-human with four arms. He's tall and has a rugged feel to him, contrary to his gentle nature. He's an entertainer, with his main trick involving throwing knives. It was revealed that he had once been a slave, until he'd killed his master in self-defense.

Lysa Conwell

Lysa Conwell (ライサ・コンウェル, Raisa Konueru) is an Itinerant Ecclesiastic of the Gustekan Church. She is rather plump, and has braided long blonde hair that reaches down past her shoulders.

The Kararagi City States


Rajan (ラジアン) is a member of the Fang of Iron and was tasked with spying over the Witch Cult in Arc 3. He is a fox-human and it was mentioned he speaks in Kansai dialect, similar to Anastasia and Ricardo.


The Sword God

The Sword God (剣神) An entity whose origins is unknown, but is linked to the Divine Protection of the Sword Saint. Although there is some knowledge about this entity among general martial artists, its existence can only be perceived by the current Sword Saint. It is shown to have an arrogant and possessive personality. It's said that the Dragon Sword Reid was blessed by the Sword God itself[3]

Hauroy Rallior

Hauroy Rallior (ハウロイ・ラリオル) was a swordsman who was the neighbor of Reid Astrea. Reid introduced himself using this pseudonym when facing Lye Batenkaitos.


Ikeda (池田) is a friend of Natsuki Kenichi. He moved to Thailand somewhere in the past and used to send letters on Christmas, Father's and Mother's Day.


Trisha (トリーシャ) is a character mentioned in Arc 6 by Reid Astrea. According to the first Sword Saint, she was a very strong and capable woman who had a few tricks up her sleeve; some of which were used even by Reid.

Palma Eule

Palma Eule (パルマ・エウレ) is a character mentioned in Arc 6 when Subaru was looking through the Books of The Dead at the Taygeta Library.


Coyote (コヨーテ) is a character mentioned in Arc 6 when Subaru was looking through the Books of The Dead at the Taygeta Library.

Noah Libertas

Noah Libertas (ノア・リベルタス) is a character mentioned in Arc 6 when Subaru was looking through the Books of The Dead at the Taygeta Library.

Aegon Voller

Aegon Voller (エイゴン・ヴォラー) is a character mentioned in Arc 6 when Subaru was looking through the Books of The Dead at the Taygeta Library. He is Light Novel exclusive. 


Milan is a character that was mentioned during the fight against Lye Batenkaitos at Priestella. When confronting Dynas, Lye stated that it wasn't his fault he couldn't save Milan or Meili.

Al's Unnamed Teacher

Mentioned by Al in The Crimson Countess and the Gladiator, Al's "teacher" is someone who has an unknown connection to Al other than being an apparent mentor. After telling Arakiya that he had changed her fate, he laments the fact that he mentioned it by saying that his teacher would yell at him for stating it.


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