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Mizelda Shudrak (ミゼルダ・シュドラク) is the previous Chieftain of the Shudrak Clan located in the depths of the Buddheim Jungle, in the Empire of Vollachia. She made her debut in Arc 7. Following her devastating injury she sustained during her fight with Arakiya, Mizelda was unable to fulfil her duties as the Clan's Chieftain, thus prompting Taritta to take her place.


Mizelda is a tall, strong woman with brown skin and green eyes. Her hair is black, but the top is dyed red and parted to one side. Due to the hot and somewhat moist weather, Mizelda–like the other members of the Clan–wears minimal clothes. She's also sporting a pair of big and round gold earrings. After her fight with Arakiya, it is revealed that she lost a leg.


Mizelda is shown to be rather hostile towards outsiders and especially towards those who trample on their pride as proud hunters. While she does exhibit these traits, she is willing to listen to the pleas of Subaru and Vincent and even allow them to take the Ritual of Blood, albeit having them partake in the hardest and most dangerous ritual they have. After Subaru and Vincent successfully complete the ritual, Mizelda treats them as fellow hunters and agrees to help Subaru save Rem and Louis.


Skilled Archer: As is the case other members of the Clan, Mizelda is extremely skilled with her bow and its usage.