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Mogro Hagane (モグロ・ハガネ) also known as the Steelman (鋼人), is the 8th ranking Divine General of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia.


Mogro is a large man that is nearly three meters tall, and due to this, he is known as the tallest person in the Vollachia Empire. He has a thick body and long limbs that are covered with a hard bronze substance, which is of an inorganic mineral. His head is a large bronze helmet with green glass in the center and green vertical highlights. He also has several green orbs which resemble mana stones that are attached to the joints around his body and feet.




Colossal Toughness: Mogro's body possesses enough strength that he can easily kill his opponents with a glancing blow and his attacks can send shockwaves of earth to crush opponents with ease. It has been mentioned that around the world, Reinhard may have been the only person who was capable of breaking Mogro's hard metal with his bare hands. The whirlwind style demonstrated Mogro's colossal strength, allowing the general to perform techniques that were fatal to humans.

Whirlwind Fighting Style: Mogro can drill with both his hands as well as by spinning his huge body at incredible speeds. He can move underground as easily as a fish in water can. Using this technique, he overtakes his opponents by hiding underground.

Reconstruction: As a Steel Human, Mogro is able to heal any damage as long as his brain and heart remain intact. Combined with the endurance of his body, Mogro is nearly invincible.