Mogoru Hagane (モグロ・ハガネ) is the "8th" ranked Divine General among the Nine Divine Generals of the Vollachia Empire.


Moguro is a large, almost three meter tall man and he is considered the tallest member in the Vollachia Empire. He has a thick body and long arms and legs that are covered with a hard bronze substance, and indeed his body is made up of inorganic mineral. His head is a large bronze helmet with green glass in the center and green vertical highlights. He also has several green orbs which resemble manastones attached to the joints around his body and green feet.


Great Power: As the eighth ranked member of the Nine God Generals, Moguro has considerable power.

Burrowing: Moguro can burrow down by sticking his arms in the earth below and whirring his body around at high speeds. He can use this technique to ambush people or to carry people down to their demise.

Reconstruction: Moguro can reattach his own severed limbs, and possesses tremendous regenerative power so long as his heart and brain aren't destroyed.


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