Natsuki Naoko (菜月 菜穂子) is Natsuki Subaru's mother.


Naoko is a middle aged woman of average height.

She has brown eyes along with shoulder length brown hair which she ties into a sideway ponytail with an orange ribbon. Naoko is described to have an evil gaze which makes her seem like a careless person.


Despite having an evil gaze that makes her look like she's in a bad mood, Naoko is actually the type of person that doesn't really think of anything, and her compassion toward others is generally off the mark and irrelevant; however, she always prioritizes her son Subaru. Both Kenichi and Subaru agree that she is the most slow witted person in the world at least on the surface, but later in Subaru's trial Naoko shows she is more perceptive then she appears. Like her husband, she is a mayonnaise lover.

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