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Olbart Dunkelkenn (オルバルト・ダンクルケン), also known as the Vicious Old Man (悪辣翁), is the 3rd ranking Divine General of the Sacred Empire Of Vollachia and a leader of an unspecified Shinobi village.

First appearing in the The Crimson Countess and the Gladiator side story which was later adapted into Re:Zero Ex Volume 5, Olbart played a minor supporting role. Officially debuting in Arc 7, Olbart currently seems to be following the orders of Chisha Gold, who is embodying Vincent Vollachia[1], the 77th Emperor of the Vollachia Empire.


Olbart Dunkelkenn is a wrinkled old man with a stooped-over physique, natural for someone bearing over 90 years of life on their shoulders. His seemingly-glowing yellow eyes are usually covered with very thick and long eyebrows which happen to be of the same colour as his relatively long greyish-white hair. Perhaps his most characteristic feature are his two white and black antennas sprouting out of his forehead. Incidentally, these two antennas happen to add another 30 centimetres to Olbart's high, elevating the old man from mere 100 centimetres to a much more respectable height of 130 centimetres. Additionally, Olbart sports a long and thin beard, which can sometimes be hard to spot due to his colour pallet, and two golden earrings per each ear. Following the Great Disaster that struck Chaosflame, Olbart lost his right hand from the wrist up, having it be absorbed by the shadows just after he pierced Subaru's abdomen with his hand for the second time.

Olbart clads himself in a tight white and black body suit that strongly resembles a kimono. Half of the suit is white, while the other half is black, creating a pattern that strongly resembles yin and yang. The sleeves of his suit are large enough to allow Olbart to hide his hands inside of them, and are adorned with a half-circular pattern which completes itself when both sleeves are put together. To finish off his look, the old man wraps a purple scarf around his neck, which fits the body suit perfectly as the sleeves have purple accents. The scarf itself also has a yellow-coloured motive drawn on it, as well as a yellow star. Finally, to hold the suit in place, Olbart uses a purple belt which he ties around his waist.


At first glance, Olbart appears as a friendly and energetic old man, who often makes light of the situations and predicaments he finds himself in. He usually likes to stay away from the centre of attention, until his presence is needed, either for de-escalation or to put the situation under control by force. Whatever the case may be, Olbart never fails to seize the opportunity to crack jokes and lighten up the mood with his mostly light-hearted view on situations, though it should also be worth mentioning that some of his remarks can be strangely morbid, sending chills down his enemies' or allies' spines, such as when he threatened Kafma Irulux that he'll chop his head off on the spot, for deeming his remarks a bit overly egotistical. Due to his old age, Olbart has a habit of forgetting or mixing up different dates. Such an example can be seen when he mistakenly thought the Ginunhive rebellion took place two or three years ago, when in fact, it happened over eight years ago. As a member of the Nine Divine Generals and occupying the rank of Third, Olbart seemingly appears loyal to the Emperor and the Empire, following his orders without much question and being prepared to lay down his life for His Excellency.

In reality, however, Olbart is a vicious and selfish old man with no concrete morals or loyalty. Being loyal only to himself, Olbart tends to act in a way that primarily benefits him. Though he faithfully follows his Emperor's orders, he has no trouble disregarding them if he sees a better outcome in picking a different route than the one he was told to follow. Likewise, he has no trouble using deadly force on innocent people and kids, as seen when he murdered Subaru and Louis without any second thought, despite them taking the appearance of two ten-year-old children due to Olbart's "infantilization" technique. By not holding anything precious and refusing to devote his heart to anyone, Olbart has achieved the pinnacle of shinobi arts, reigning as the indisputable strongest shinobi the Empire has to offer and climbed all the way up to the rank of Third among the Nine Divine Generals. With his unusually long life spanning over nine decades, Olbart has achieved pretty much everything he wished for. Knowing his life is nearing its end, the Vicious Old Man Olbart Dunkelkenn set his sights on his final mission; to kill the Emperor of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia, granting himself a glorious death and quite a bit of fame alongside it.


Olbart hails from an unnamed shinobi village, located somewhere in the Sacred Empire of Vollachia. Having been seemingly raised by a clan of shinobi, Olbart has lived the life of one ever since an early age.

Ex5 Side Story[]

Shortly after Vincent Vollachia's coronation as the 77th Emperor of the Sacred Empire of Vollachia roughly 7 years before the start of the main story, a large uprising took place on the Gladiator Island of Ginunhive, with the gladiators–led by Ubilk–wanting to become independent from the mainland. In order to squash the rebellion, Vincent had dispatched a regiment of the Imperial Army led by two Divine Generals–Arakiya and Olbart Dunkelkenn. While Arakiya infiltrated the island in order to lower the bridge and let the main force inside the island, Olbart patiently waited outside the island.


Shinobi Arts (シノビ): As a Shinobi, Olbart is an extremely skilled fighter, able to easily overpower most people facing him. Olbart has numerous odd Shinobi techniques that he can use against his opponents.

  • Infantilization Technique: One of his trademark skills that has played a considerable role throughout the Chaosflame sub-arc of Arc 7 is Olbart's so-called Infantilization Technique. Essentially, by forming contact with a person and altering their Od, Olbart can effectively rejuvenate the target's body and make them physically younger. By doing so, most of his enemies are effectively rendered powerless against him, as they're usually left in the body of a ten-or-so year old child. Furthermore, after being "infantilized", the target's deduction skills and overall intellectual capabilities slowly diminish over time, reflecting their sudden rejuvenation in both body and mind. Olbart later revealed this to be one of his most rare techniques and that it was employed to extort or quickly depose of enemies and their bodies.

Skilled Martial Artist: As the leader of a certain shinobi village and its strongest member, Olbart has mastered the art of being a shinobi. He can masterfully bend his body to his own will, perform attacks seemingly impossible for an aged man and dish out monstrous damage to his surroundings and enemies. His speed, strength and accuracy is nigh unmatched among all Nine Divine Generals of the Empire.

Superhuman Speed: As a master shinobi, Olbart can move at insane speeds, seemingly teleporting and flying around the battlespace. During his fight with Yoruna, his speed is described as that of a fighter jet, moving around at speeds surpassing that which can be followed by a normal human eye. His speed, in application with his mastery of primarily shinobi-used martial arts and deadly precision achieved only by a select few individuals around the world, make him one of the most deadly and efficient fighters hailing from the Empire.

Keen Battle Experience: Due to his long life span, Olbart has seen many fights and toppled countless opponents. This allowed him to become quite proficient at figuring out his opponents' tricks and tactics, allowing him to form destructive counters to incoming attacks. Olbart immediately recognized Al's use of his unknown Authority, noting he had some strange tricks up his sleeve[2]–something that completely flew over Kafma Irulux's head.

Equipment: As a Shinobi, Olbart carries many traditional weapons associated with them, such as kunai and shuriken, as well as compressed spirit stone bombs, keeping them stored away safely inside his sleeves.

  • Kunai & Shuriken: Olbart can use his kunai knives and shuriken with terrifying speed and precision, killing very skilled opponents without them even realising it.
  • Compressed Fire Stone Bombs: During his fight with Yoruna, Olbart demonstrated a deadly and brutal weapon; compressed fire stone bombs. Taking a similar shape to his emergency food rations, Olbart is equipped with small black balls which have chunks of fire stones embedded inside of them[3]. Though their size is miniscule, the potential damage dealt by their explosions is no laughing matter. By simply throwing them in the air and forcing Yoruna to try and destroy them in order to prevent a bombardment of the city below, Olbart managed to catch Subaru in a brutal death loop with there being no seeming way to avoid the blast and having his eyes and ears destroyed.


  • Olbart has a book which he uses to keep track of and record as many different combat techniques and skills as possible. He refers to it as the Book of Techniques.


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